Wowder Is Here!

Seen the memes yet?

You know – the memes where people call Glossier for the perfect-skinned; the memes where people coat themselves in Vaseline, saying "I love the newest Glossier highlight!"

Basically, what's been coming to pass is: Glossier's been criticized for appealing only to those with dry, clear skin. That their products don't suit those with more oily skin; that they're not being inclusive; that their "no-makeup makeup" only really works on one skin type.

Well, Glossier heard, & Glossier responded – in the best manner possible: by using a meme making fun of their own brand.

Two days ago, on Instagram:


First: nice response! Light-hearted acknowlegment that yeah, maybe their products weren't for everyone – up til now. The link was This redirected to, which claimed:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.06.52 PM.png

A little information, a little video, & a waitlist. People complained that they couldn't stand the wait! That this was going to be Glossier's most unique product yet; a product that strayed from natural dewiness – & helped people with more oily skin control their shine.

Some of you into the beauty scene may have spotted "Wowder" in a video made by YouTuber Jackie Aina – you can watch it right here.

The video was titled: "Trying NEW Makeup! First Impressions and More." Jackie tried a host of products made by a host of brands, including Burberry, Natasha Denona – & a brand that Jackie said she could not reveal. In the description box, it says: "One of those products is a product I previously tested BEFORE agreeing to collaborate for this video. Today you'll get a sneak peak of that product!"

Jackie went on to test the "Wowder" – she used two shades: "Rich" & "Dark/Deep." Jackie said: "These powders are designed to set the makeup. They control oil, they are mattifying, they help with long wearing of makeup – BUT! These powders do not respond the same way some others do, & I'm going to show you what I mean by that."

Jackie went on to use this for her under-eye area, & also used a bit to dust all over her face. She mentioned that the product had a special brush – but used her beauty blender when applying Wowder on her under-eye area. She mentioned how neutral this powder was – no excess red or yellow under-tones. She seemed to be quite happy with her results, by the end.

For Glossier to send a product to Jackie Aina to test out speaks volumes. She's an extremely popular YouTuber – but she's "different." By different, I mean: She's not afraid to speak her mind about certain brands & their questionable ethics; she's not afraid to call out brands for their lack of shade diversity; she makes videos with a full face of cruelty-free makeup, or a full face of makeup made by black businesses.

Basically – Jackie is a hilarious, talented, politically correct YouTuber – & I trust her because of her unapologetic reviews. She's extremely open – so for her to say such positive things about Wowder? Again, it speaks volumes.

Right off the bat, this told me that Wowder would be good for those with oily skin, & there would be shades that would suit women of color – yes, even dark-skinned women of color. Great! I was a bit apprehensive, though – would I like Wowder? I have dry skin; I have pale skin. I love highlight & I love looking dewy. Would Wowder appeal to me?

Well, I got to find out a bit sooner than the rest of you. Full disclosure: I am a Glossier Rep, & while I am not paid for this review (or giving this information) I have been sent Glossier products in the past & continue to get sent new products if I make sales quotas as a rep. I was lucky enouh to make my quota (thanks to all of you!) & I got a mysterious email a few weeks ago, from "The Wowder Team."

I wanted to make sure that it wasn't spam, so I reached out to my wonderful community director. I got a winky face, & a bit of a tongue-in-cheek confirmation. Low & behold – my Wowder arrived about 5 days ago, & I have been testing it ever since I got it (quietly, that is). Let's take a look at my first impression photos. First: a letter to me from The Wowder Team:

FullSizeRender.jpg-38 FullSizeRender.jpg-40

Basically: identities were revealed, & there was a box that I was extremely excited to open.

FullSizeRender.jpg-39.jpeg IMG_4421.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg-41

As you can see, I got "Light/Medium." I was…extremely apprehensive about getting this shade. Turns out – this is the lightest one! & it suits me beautifully. Why? Well, turns out it's actually okay to have a powder that is slightly darker (or the same shade) as your skin, as long as it's neutral. For me, in fact, choosing a powder that is my exact foundation shade could be detrimental if I happened into a paparazzi event – the flashback would be terrible. Should I say James Charles terrible?

My point is – no one's face is "HD-white" – not even me, whitest of whites. So – we start with the lightest shade, which is "Light-Medium." Then there is "Rich" & "Dark/Deep," the shades Jackie used combined. The shades are sheer, so they are adaptable. They're not necessarily universal, but these three shades will cover the whole range of skin tones – becaues of the neutral undertones the powders possess.

FullSizeRender.jpg-42 IMG_4426.JPG

I was a bit suspicious of the color of the powder – & how it would look on my skin – but I had (& still do have) faith in Jackie Aina, so I persisted.

I don't use under-eye concealer, so I don't set my undereyes. I decided to be creative – that's what Glossier's all about, right??? I decided to use it in place of a "face makeup" aside from concealer. So, basically, I used a bit of Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer in Fair or Glossier's Stretch Concealer in Light for spot coverage/coverage in the middle of my face. Then, I would lightly buff Wowder over my forhead, center of my face, & other areas I might want to cover.

Wowder is truly amazing. Take it from an oily-skinned, extremely famous YouTuber like Jackie Aina – & a quiet, dry-skinned, not-famous-at-all writer (????) like me. We both love Wowder! We use different shades, & we use it in different ways – but we both love it.

I've found that Wowder has a blurring effect. It definitely prevents flashback in photos. It's almost like a filter when you wear it. It's buildable – I could see myself wearing Wowder, & Wowder only – I like it best, however, in the way I have been using it the past few days.

What're some other fun facts about Wowder? Read away:

  • Contains diamond powder for dimension; no flat effect here! & no, don't believe the people on Reddit – diamond dust does not hurt your skin
  • It has an airy, weightless formula – it absorbs oil, but vanishes into skin (this is why it's great for all skin types)
  • The "trampoline mesh" that keeps the powder safe = no mess packaging. It's easy to shake out a little; it's equally easy to make sure you're not wasting product, either.

"Does it come with the brush?" 

According to Glossier, the Wowder Brush was "specifically designed to work with Wowder" (I would hope, anyway!!!). The bristles are very soft, but they're also dense – great for a powder like Wowder, or even for a more intense powder highlight. Its shape makes it easy to buff Wowder all over the face, or focus on smaller areas: like under-eyes. Glosser: "The Wowder Brush ($20 USD, $25 CAD) & Wowder ($22 USD, $27 CAD) were invented to work together, so we've made you The Wowder Duo PDP - this includes Wowder & the Wowder brush, which total to $35 USD or $45 CAD. In both currencies, you'll save $7 by buying the duo.

Don't want a powder, but want the brush? The Wowder Brush is available separately! Don't want the brush, but want the powder? Wowder is available separately!

IMG_4429.JPG IMG_4427.JPG

Is dewy OUT now? Is Glossier being trendy by switching things up? Will they maintain their relevance?

I'm biased – but I think Glossier's here to stay. They're reaching out to more people by releasing Wowder. Now, people with oily skin; people who enjoy a matte finish; people who retweeted or reblogged the Glossier memes (!!) will start looking at Glossier with a more serious eye. Glossier itself said:

"Fresh, real skin is what we’re known for, and Wowder is an extension of that. Still healthy and glowing, but matte where you want it—no more shiny t-zone. We aren’t backpedaling on the dewy look that’s core to our brand (dewy isn’t dead!

we love dewy!). Makeup is a choice. Choose your finish."

Choose your shade. Choose your finish. Choose the way you want to do makeup – or not! I'm here for it – & I never thought I would say that I love a powder as much as I love this one! But I really do. I might be switching my CC Creams out for Wowder & a little concelaer on extra hot, sweaty days. I think my skin will thank me. But now, I can choose a finish – & still shop with one of my favorite brands.

As I type this, Wowder is now available, & you can get it here!!! Get it! tell me what you think. I can't wait to here your opinions on Glossier's latest – & most unique (for them, anyway) product. & while you're waiting for your shipping, here's a few photos of me rocking Wowder last night:

But it comes down to this: if you follow me on social, or if you read this blog, chances are that you have dry/sensitive skin, & you might not normally wear powder. Are you worried about using a powder?

Remember this (while checking out on with your Wowder Duo):

Sof ❀

For Pride’s Sake: Milk’s Contribution To Pride Month

(This is a short but sweet – & gay – product review, because the product I’m reviewing is limited edition & won’t be here for long! Enjoy my description, decide if its your thing, then, if it is…run!!! Go go go. Go along!)

Happy Pride! Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of marriage equality in the U.S. – making same sex marriage legal in all states. YAY! Obviously we have a lot of work to do still & a long way to go (I’m looking at you, useless anti-trans “bathroom bills”). But Pride Day (& Pride Month) has a special place in every LGBT person’s heart: it’s a time to celebrate our identites, honor those who cannot be present to celebrate, & remember those who broke boundaries, risking their lives for their rights.

I’ve been keeping close tabs on companies that have been supporting Pride Month for the whole of June. I have to say that I’m not impressed with a lot of the advertizing. Most of it just seems like companies/corporations are jumping on the pride float, if you will. While companies, whether it be cosmetics, skin care, home goods, or food services, might be preaching their message of “love is love,” a lot of it is…a bit cringey. Since LGBT is now mainstream, a lot of companies capitalize off of it by making special pride cups, or rainbow blankets, or stickers with a variety of slogans. All well & good, & if you have some of these…that’s cool! Express your pride. However…be aware that most of these things are not actively benefiting LGBT people. It’s just more money in a CEO’s hands. That’s why I was so happy when Milk Makeup announced that they’d teamed up with the LGBT Community Center to promote their limited edition, pride-inspired product: the Glitter Stick, a rainbow glitter highlighter. Cool, right? Definitely. But the best thing about the Glitter Stick is that half of the proceeds go directly to the Center!!!!!! 

The Glitter Stick is $30, which means you’re donating $15 to a great cause during Pride Month, while simultaneously getting a cool, fun product.  I ordered mine as soon as I had the money, & sat back, eager for its delivery. The stick arrived on Pride Day itself. Coincidence? I think not!

A sneak peek 
Since this is a exclusive, the Glitter Stick comes in a transparent pouch printed with the words “MILK Makeup” – super handy for travel. I always appreciate reusable transluscent pouches for this reason! The stick itself comes in the classic packaging Milk uses for all its other stick products, such as their holographic highlights, their Blur Stick, & their Cooling Water Stick (major favorite, by the way). It has a special holographic stripe down the side of the outside tube that says “PRIDE” in big, white letters.

Front of the outside packaging says: Milk Makeup x The Center 

Side of the outside packaging: PRIDE (!!!)

A cute product description on the bottom of the outside packagin, as well as the mention of some natural oils & butters used to formulate the product
It comes with several very cool stickers (that I believe are limited edition but am not sure). It’s supposed to come with a very cool, circle-shaped, holographic sticker that spells out “PRIDE” in a circle – very psychedelic – but mine came with the back peeled off already so it was a mess before I could stick it on anything. Sad!!!!!

Someone online made note that the “sunshine” sticker is made with the bisexual flag colors. Very nice! (I’m just sad my special pride sticker wasn’t intact. I contacted Milk about this!)
After the stick came out of its packaging & I struggled for a few minutes to remove the clear plastic dome meant to protect the head of the product, I first looked at it with my bare eyes. The stick is a creamy hue, with a slight reflect of pearly-pink. You can definitely see individual glitter particles even looking at it from a few inches away – & yes, the glitter pieces really are every color of the rainbow.

You can see the cream hue of the actual highlight – along with the individual pieces of glitter, which match the holographic packaging!
The stick has a super powerful scent, which I’m not sure how to feel about. It’s not necessarily bad…just strong. I’d describe it as a strong vanilla with a slightly weird after-scent (is that a word?). I don’t personally have a problem with it – the scent fades after it’s been on your skin for a minute – but if you’re adverse to strong scents, just be aware!

The stick felt a bit gritty when swatching, but for me, this was to be expected. There are literal glitter pieces & particles packed together, so….yup! Seemed about right! It’s really not too bad though…if I directly swiped it on my cheekbones, I don’t believe it would be a problem.

A single swipe of the Glitter Stick (unblended)

Blended out – glitter galore!

Super up-close, blurry shot. Here, you can really see the array of colors the glitter pieces come in
The product is said to be safe for face, body, & eyelids, so catch me at a summer party wearing this on my shoulders, cheeks, lids, & tapped over whatever lip balm I have on! In fact, I tried it on my shoulders this morning. The glitter stays on. It takes a bit of wiping & swiping to get all the little bits off. That’s  good if you’re looking for some kind of body/face glitter that’ll stay. You’ve found it here! However, I’m sure when I wear this on my face, I’ll find stray glitter on my face even after thoroughly cleansing. Fine by me.

They weren’t kidding with the holographic effect of this product. Here’s one angle…

…& here’s another. More peachy; the first one is more blue
Another amazing thing Milk did with their Glitter Stick campaign was to shoot it at the LGBT Center in New York City, featuring LGBT people. People of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, & gender identities were gathered together in some truly beautiful photographs. I appreciate Milk for taking the time to use LGBT models to market their Pride Month product. To me, it shows they actually care about the community & are allowing voices that are so often silenced to have the microphone. Check out their Instagram feed to see mini interviews with some of these beautiful people!

All in all…I’m very happy with this product. I’m happy with Milk Makeup for making a truly unique product in honor of Pride Month; I’m even happier that Milk is donating half of all proceeds to The Center; I’m most happy that Milk featured LGBT people, including people of color. It was a very inclusive campaign, featuring a very cool product & very cool people. Milk is truly being an ally, unlike many other brands. This is how a brand can make a difference! Don’t sell rainbow mugs that make you (the brand) more money. Donate a big lump sum to an LGBT organization or shelter – or come up with something as cool as the Glitter Stick. That’ll be hard, though – this one’s a beauty.

Peace & love for all

A look the packaging, as well as a cute little (holographic, again!) thank you card, which tells you where half of the money you used to purchase the glitter stick with will go. Spoiler alert: The Center!

Shop the Glitter Stick here…& Happy Pride!


Sof ❀