The Milkiest of Jellies


This is how Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser is described on Glossier's site.

"Non-foaming, velvety on the skin, smells slightly of flowers, & removes all makeup – even mascara" is how I personally have described it on my blog (& to friends).

You've probably heard of Milky Jelly by now. You've seen it on Facebook – or on top shelfies – & you've probably seen the ad campaign that generated some…snickers in the comments section (we get it, it's goopy & transluscent-white, okay?)

Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of Glossier's best-selling products. It was also one of the first. About two years ago, Into The Gloss posted an article entitled "The Glossier Cleanser: Milky Jelly is Here!"

According to the article, this cleanser had spent a year in development. This was after ITG (& Glossier) CEO Emily Weiss posted an article on the site entitled "The Glossier Cleanser: What's Your Dream Face Wash?"

Basically, she was asking people to tell her what they wanted. The idea? A cleanser that would work on all skin types – & please all customers.

Of course, it's impossible to please everyone – we all know that. But I get a lot of questions about Milky Jelly, what skin is best suited for it, what's the scent, etc. These questions keep coming…so it means that people are still interestd. What is Milky Jelly like?

Recently, Glossier started promoting Milky Jelly again on their Instagram, as you can see here:


Four milky jelly bottles? Backups on backups on backups? My first instinct was to laugh – then I scrolled through my feed. A few minutes later, I'd found at least three photos of Milky Jelly that I'd posted at some time or another – all of them featuring more than one bottle in the frame.


I am that backup girl. That's me. I do actually freak out when I don't have at least one backup for this cleanser. I also drool over images like these uploaded to the Glossier Instagram story:


So…why do I love this so much? What's so great about Milky Jelly Cleanser for me? What are the ingredients like? What about texture? Scent? Let's answer some of these questions. When a product is being promoted, curiousity arises. So – I'm here to (hopefully) answer some of these questions.

Why do I love this so much/what's so great about Milky Jelly Cleanser for me?

Well, I have dry/sensitive skin. Most foaming cleansers are a living hell for me – they absolutely strip my skin of any moisture…something that toner cannot make up for. The only exception is the CLĒ Cosmetics Oxygen Foam Cleanser (read about it on their blog here), but that's a rare exception.

Milky Jelly works great mornings & evenings; it works well on dry or damp skin. It really does melt off my makeup – mascara can be difficult, so I'd advise you keep at least a little micellar water on hand. Other than that, however, I know that I don't have to worry about leftover makeup on my pillow if I wash my face with Milky Jelly before I go to sleep.

I also never get a tight or dry feeling after using Milky Jelly. That's good – it means that my skin is still hydrated, which is super important for someone with dry/sensitive skin.

I love the subtle, floral scent of the product – as well as the velvety texture. The texture is extremely difficult to describe; I'd say "velvety" is about as close as it gets. I can do better with the scent, though: let's call it rosy but not antique; summery but not cloying. It fades gracefully with time – like the best of scents.

So – I like Milky Jelly Cleanser because it keeps me hydrated, removes my makeup, has a relaxing texture & a fresh scent. It's easy to travel with & easy to use.

So – what's so great about Milky Jelly Cleanser that it's truly universal?

Emily Weiss says:

"Basically everyone wanted what we wanted—we were all thinking about it the same way. What we settled on is basically a jellified micellar water. Our formula is based around the same cleansing ingredient you find in contact lens solution—so super gentle—but with conditioning elements like comfrey root extract and betaine that moisturize and soothe the skin while you clean it. Once we had that down, it became about really nailing the right texture." (x)

So – soothing, hydrating. But what are some key ingredients that make it right for everyone?

  1. It's pH-balanced. That means straight off that it'll work to cleanse without unbalancing your skin's dryness & moisture levels. That means calm skin – which means clear skin.
  2. The gentle agents used in the cleanser (called Poloxamer) are also used in contact lens solution; that makes it safe to use around the eyes – which is why it's such a great (safe) eye makeup remover.
  3. Rosewater replaced 1/4 of the H20 content in Milky Jelly's formula. Rose anything is soothing & reduces redness/inflammation. This, again, means clearer, calmer skin. Plus…smells great. (If you're sensitive to rose as a scent this product is not for you! Take note)
  4. Comfrey Root Extract takes major credit for helping out those with dry skin – it contains allantoin, which heals skin that's dry or stressed.
  5. Sounds complex, but works pretty simply: Aquaxyl refills skin's water reserves & improves the barrier to improve overall hydration. Strengthened barrier = less bacteria. Less bacteria = clearer skin (see what I'm saying here)

Hold up….it says "soap free"??? That's okay. Soaps contain detergents, which are drying & irritating. Just because it's soap free doesn't mean it's not cleansing – ex. cleansing oils!

A few extra bonuses: appropriate for all skin types, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, non-comedogenic. So, basically: it's good for your skin (no matter what skin type you have) it won't clog your pores, it smells good, no animals were hurt, it works as a makeup remover…Shall I continue?

No, but seriously. I love Milky Jelly with all my heart. In fact, it's one of my Top 4 picks on my Glossier Rep Page:


Glossier's come out with some incredible products this past year – the whole time I've been a customer (& now a rep, too!) I've seen some amazing products that have changed the game for me. But – no matter what's next (& it's good, I promise) Milky Jelly will always have a place in my Top 4. For all of the reasons I mentioned above. & also more. I'll tell you more – you just have to ask. You might not even have to ask, actually.

Get yourself a bottle of that Milky Jelly! & oh – why's it called that? Says Annie Kreighbaum, the Executive Editor:

Once we knew what we wanted it to look like—a milky jelly—then the name was obvious. It’s fun to say. I actually don’t remember a time when we didn’t call it Milky Jelly—sort of like with Boy Brow or Balm Dotcom. Those names were always the names.” (x)

There you have it. Oh! One more thing. The more bottles of Milky Jelly you buy, the better your sticker game will be. Mine gets better with each bottle – & each sheet.

Is Milky Jelly your holy grail cleanser? Why or why not? Do you have another holy grail cleanser (that you think I should try)?


Sof ❤

Here's a link to my rep page. I'm honored & so happy to be working with Glossier! They've given me vision, direction, & creative inspiration (& good brows that stay put) & I am infintely grateful for that. 

The Scoop on Scoops

Long before I was “into” skin care, I was still washing & moisturizing my face daily (my mother taught me well; that, & “DON’T TOUCH YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!”). However, I didn’t think much of dipping my fingers into a container of moisturizer. That’s just how it’s done…right?

Well, it is the easiest, most convienient method–that’s true. However, if you’re putting your hands into a container of product that you’ll be putting on your skin, you could be contaminating the product–even if your hands are clean!

I became super aware of being extremely hygienic with my products after I got a staph infection on my face last December. For the longest time, I thought I was just breaking out really badly–until I visited the dermatologist & was told to stop putting spot treatments on those red areas; doing so was just spreading more bacteria around my face, making it easier for the infection to spread.

Thankfully, I got a prescription-strength topical antibiotic ointment, was told to apply twice daily for 10-14 days, & soon was back to my normal self. However, I still have a few faint scar marks on my face from that infection.

Becuase staph occurs naturally inside our bodies, it’s sometimes impossible to prevent an infection from happening. However–being more hygienic with your skin care products, especially those that go on your face, can be a big help in preventing many bacterial infections from occuring.

It was right around this time (January 2017) that Glossier released their Priming Moisturizer Rich (still my holy grail night cream to this day). They not only released the product, but also released a great video on Into The Gloss entitled: “How To Moisturize Your Face With French Facialist Isabelle Bellis.” I watched the video on a whim, & saw that there was absolutely zero finger contact with the actual product container. Instead, Bellis used small wooden sticks to scoop out a small amount of product, which she then applied to her face with clean hands:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.33.20 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.32.19 PM

I was intrigued. I started seeing more & more about this technique, & felt foolish for having not thought about it previously! As an immunosuppressed person, I am extremely prone to infections of all types. Having gone through a painful & embarrassing staph infection on my face, I want to avoid similar occurrences in the future at all costs.

I went on Amazon, typed in “skin care spatulas” & immediately came up with this result. Super cheap, easy–& you can order in bulk.

I don’t go through a spatula every day; I think that’d be wasteful. I do switch mine out regularly, however, & when I use the same spatula, I always clean it with rubbing alcohol after using, just to make sure I’m getting rid of any bacteria that may have been on my hands, so I don’t contaminate my product in the future.

Products that you don’t necessarily need a spatula for, & ones that I love: the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™️ Whipped Cream–the air-tight pump allows the product to dispense without contaminating the rest of the product. The Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream uses a similar technique. Both are great if you don’t feel like ordering some spatulas–or if you just feel like adding spatulas into your routine is too much work.

How the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™️ Whipped Cream is dispensed
I also like the latest craze: cleansing balms. My two favorite are the Farmacy Green Clean, & the Banila Co. Clean It Zero. Both are great cleansing balms/makeup removers, work wonderfully if you want to double cleanse, & best of all, they include spatulas with the product.


Farmacy Green Clean & Banila Co. Clean It Zero: both gentle, effective cleansing balms
Again: super handy, super clean, & even cleaner if you make sure to wipe off your spatula with rubbing alcohol after each use.

End game? Whether or not you’re immunosuppressed, using spatulas or sticks for products that aren’t “squeezable” is a great decision. Even if your immune system is great, the skin on your face is still quite sensitive. It’s best to play it safe, & practice clean skincare! Buy some spatulas–or go out & grab an air-tight moisturizer!