[Various] Discounts

Hey hey! So if you’re a skin care junkie like me, you probably spend a good bit of money on products you’re not always 100% convinced you need…? But the packaging is just so good? The product sounds so amazing? The ingredients though!

So anyway! I have some discounts for you guys if you choose to use them! Obviously, if you’re a first-time customer at Glossier you can shop with me and get 20% off your first order! If you’re a returning customer, you should still shop with me because 1) I am cool 2) Glossier is cooler 3) I will have discounts for returning customers only quite often! (& I will always let you know when that is happening, so don’t worry). I’m also now a rep for Hairstory – which is awesome & very exciting for me (yay more validation as a working chronically ill young woman!!) since I love their products & their message…so you should definitely check them out & shop with me! If you have to get one thing, get New Wash. If you have to get two…get New Wash & Hair Balm.

But here’s a small list of some other discounts you can get through me! These are affiliate links! I always want to be open about that with all of you. But you will save money if you use them! & if you don’t want to? That’s cool too, I still love you.