#TopTenSeries: Top Ten Outfits of 2017 + Style Tips

Welcome to part three of my #TopTenSeries! I’ll be honest: I’m not sure how many top tens I’ll be posting, but this is definitely one you’re getting. Welcome to my first OOTD-type post, where I’ll be breaking down some of my favorite outfits…ensembles…whatever you want to call them…of 2017. I’ll include some tips I’ve picked up over the years, how my style has developed as my hair has gotten shorter (& shorter) & show you what’s worth splurging on vs. what’s worth saving on.  

For my #TopTenSeries, I tried to pick things that had actually been released in 2017. All these outfits have been worn in 2017. You’re welcome! In chronological order – let’s do it.

“Two Words: Hospital Glam”

 @sofhoney: “hospital art sucks” (taken at the University of Chicago hospital system in early March)

This was one of my favorite outfits of 2017; it’s a bit funny, but some of my best outfits end up being worn at doctor’s appointments. I like a good dose of hospital glam – it makes me feel more confident when I’m dressed creatively – & so a lot of my favorite outfit photos have been taken while I’m sitting on an exam table or laying down on a hospital bed. Let’s break down the outfit!

  • Fishnet shirt – Urban Outfitters
  • T-shirt – Champion
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Shoes – Dr. Martens
  • Necklace – Graduation gift from parents (from 2015!)
  • Earrings – ??? I can’t remember, but they were less than $10

I know there aren’t colors in this outfit – but that’s kind of the point. I was going for an edgy, punk-type kind of look. My jeans are black, the fishnet shirt is black, the T-shirt is a heather grey, & my boots are black. The only real color here was my lipstick, which was Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Serafine. It’s a pretty dark red on me, & it added to the punk/edgy vibes I was trying to pull off. I usually wear gold jewelry (especially in the last few months) but silver worked really well with the black & grey color scheme I was pulling off.

Okay. Urban Outfitters, Champion, & Topshop are not known for being cheap. This outfit wasn’t very expensive, though – so how’d I do it?

Sale. Section. My mama taught me well. I do not pick up anything from Urban Outfitters unless it’s on the sale rack. I can’t remember if the Champion T-shirt was mens’ or womens’, but either way: sale rack from last fall. Fishnet shirt? Sale rack from winter 2015. I hold onto things for a long time. I shop “out of season.” When you have your own style figured out, it’s completely fine to hold on to items that are no longer “trendy.” Develop your own style, & it’ll fit you like a glove, no matter what. Let’s face it: fishnet is never out of style, & neither are black jeans.

Quick word on jeans: I’ll say it now, because most of my outfits on this post include black jeans – because I wear black jeans more than any other clothing item. How many pairs do I have? Two. I have two pairs of black jeans that I wear almost every single time I go out somewhere. One pair has lasted me since freshman year of college (that’s two & a half years now); the other I got right before my sophomore year. They’re both the same jean: MOTO Black Leigh Jeans by Topshop. If you have jeans that are cheaper & better – by all means, continue to wear the ones you love. For me, these are something worth investing in. They’ve lasted me countless wears & washes, they fit the exact way I want them to, & they look good with every outfit I put together with them. If you’re looking for a mid/high-rise pair of black jeans that are durable & will last you a long time, these are definitely a great option.


If we’re talking about classic clothing items: hi, Dr. Martens! My mama has been a huge fan of the brand since before I was born, & she’s been sporting them since the early 90s. The first pair I ever wore were some baby ones when I was around 5 years old. These are a “winter boot” – same as the classics, except with a little faux fur around the ankles. I find them really cozy! These were a Christmas gift in winter 2015, & they’ve lasted me very nicely. In my opinion, Dr. Martens develop more character (& become more comfortable) as time goes on; as you continue to break them in. The only “trendy” thing here is my Champion T-shirt, & that was on sale. Win-win-win.

“It’s Your Birthday”


My 20th birthday consisted of two stressful doctor’s appointments, a good long crying session on the way home, & these two really pretty photos. I hate my friend for sending me such a big birthday box (no I don’t – thank you Tiffany, I love you) & this is the majority of what my outfit is made of. My hair was at its longest here – I shaved it a few days after this, so it’s the end of “long hair Sofia.”  Details:

  • Dress – Free People
  • Bodysuit – Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes – Steve Madden, I think (they’re my mama’s)
  • Scrunchie #1 – Free People
  • Scrunchie #2 – American Apparel (Rest In Peace)

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, but my bust didn’t fill out the dress enough to wear it by itself; lucky I had a bodysuit from Urban that I’d gotten from the sale rack over a year before I got the dress from my friend. The color goes really well with the dress; it doesn’t look like an unthought layer. It doesn’t look like underwear, it looks like lingerie – in a good way. The shoes were a quick choice made as I ran out the door. Boots would’ve been too heavy; gladiator sandles would’ve been cool but weren’t available. The shoes I grabbed from my mother’s closet ended up suiting perfectly. Scrunchie #1 is on my wrist as a “bracelet” – something I continue to do to this day. Scrunchie #2 is holding up my hair with a bunch of bobby pins, & quite a bit of hope.


I miss my slicked-back hair quite seldom, but when I do, I usually think of an outfit like this one.

“I Just Shaved My Head So I Feel Great!”


This is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a lot of fancy clothing/fancy items to make something look cool! This was taken about two days after I shaved my head for the second time (in very early July of this past year) & I was feeling great about it. I decided to take a pose next to a chart of the digestive tract at my surgeon’s office; I think that’s what really makes the outfit pop – but let’s go through details.

  • Tank top – H&M
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Shoes – Zara
  • Jewelry – Ventrone Chronicles
  • Bag – Pop & Suki
  • Sunglasses – Sunglass Museum
  • Scrunchie – Free People

My birthday present from my grandma was a check; I took advantage of that by buying the smaller camera bag from Pop & Suki, which I’d been eyeing for a while. I put a cute little tag on it with a “S” monogrammed on it, which gives it a personal touch. It’s one of my favorite bags to carry, & while it’s small, it holds just enough stuff that you know you’re set for the day – but isn’t big enough that you’re in danger of overcrowding your bag with lip balms (can you tell I do that a lot?). Anyways – this bag is a staple for me still, & I love it almost as much as the little wallet I got with my birthday money, too (that one says “Sofia”).


My tank top is legitimately a $5 basic from H&M; I usually turn to the Gap or H&M when looking for basics. They’re always 100% cotton & super comfortable; whether I want something fitted or loose, either of those brands have my back. Put that with my favorite black jeans & that’s half the outfit. These boots are a pair of Zara ankle boots I’ve had since winter 2015-2016, when I was trying to ride the Harry Styles YSL ankle boot wave – without spending $1000+, which is money I don’t have. I was getting endless compliments for these my winter term of freshman year of college…& I’m still getting compliments today, no matter what the season! When I first got them, I made sure to spray them with a protective spray; that’s kept them relatively safe from dirt/salt, depending on the season, & makes them easier to clean. They’re staples for me without a doubt.

If an outfit is really simple, I’ll just spice it up with some accessories; in this case, I wore a choker & some small hoops from Ventrone Chronicles, slapped on some red lipstick (Glossier Generation G in Zip with an Urban Decay lip liner – I forget the name), & put on some sunglasses. These are from Sunglass Museum. Let me just take a minute to say that I love their site! I’ve gottten some incredibly unique sunglasses for really low prices from them; these look a bit like some Versace glasses, but nope! Less than $25. I love these, & I have a few others from SM – I’ve bought some wild pairs from there that have upped my accessorizing game. You probably recognize the scrunchie from the outfit above – the one where I had longer hair. That’s because it’s the same one; I know it’s a little ironic to wear scrunchies on my wrist when I have no hair, but they’re pretty accessories & soft, comfortable bracelets – that’s how I like to look at them! I wear scrunchies as bracelets to this day, as you’ll see.

When in doubt, wear all black – it won’t cost you a bunch of money if you look around a little. Throw on some cute sunglasses (also many cheap options there) & a pretty lip & it’s a look!



I think it was right before the 4th of July, & while I don’t celebrate the holiday (at all; my family grills sometimes but that’s it) I was feeling the red, white, & blue color scheme, except I don’t like blue denim for the most part…so I made it a little bit my own.

  • Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Skirt – ???
  • Phone case – Pop & Suki
  • Sunglasses – Free People
  • Earrings – Ventrone Chronicles
  • Bracelet – Croatian, have no idea where from

I usually build an outfit off one object/piece/whatever you want to call it! I don’t like sounding pretentious because I don’t think I’m a fashionista. I don’t deserve the label. Anyways – I built it off the sunglasses, which I got on sale summer 2016 while in Aspen, CO. These had been $40, but were last call for $14. I snatched them up; they reminded me of some UNIF/Dollskill sunglasses I’d seen a season before, & I still liked the dramatic look. A steal for sure. The Tommy shirt I got in the (you guessed it) sale section of Urban Outfitters, I think the skirt is my mother’s, but I can’t be sure. Sometimes, clothing floats around my house – I just accept it. It’s mine now; no one’s claimed it. It’s just a simple black denim skirt that’s frayed at the bottome – nothing too special!


I made it a little more “girly” with my earrings, which are Ventrone Chronicle Perla Hoops (I think that’s the name); my phone case at the time was a Pop & Suki. Although the color is adorable, it was way too flimsy for my precious phone. I had to give it a toss a few weeks after this because the sides started cracking. Invest in a good case, kids! My bracelet is very special to me & has a lot of meaning; I got it in Croatia when I spent my first summer there around age 11-12. It’s made with Croatian coral – one of the many things Croatia’s known for! I don’t remember the jeweler, & it doesn’t really matter – I wasn’t looking for an expensive piece of jewelry, I was looking for something that’d remind me of Croatia. I think I used my birthday money to get this & it was the only thing I wore as jewelry for a very long time. There’s a lot of sentiment behind this bracelet – I think outfits become more special if you wear things you truly love.

“Sleepy, Cold Girl x Hospital Glam x Fall”


Another hospital exam table photo! This was much later in the year. I’d just gotten a mustard yellow puffer jacket, which I was extremely excited about. I really had wanted to get a few mustard yellow pieces in my wardrobe for fall/winter, & I succeeded – by actually biting my teeth & paying full price for this jacket.

  • Jacket – Zara
  • T-shirt – ???
  • Jeans – Topshop (my MOTO Leigh ones; these are the older ones so that’s why they have holes in the knees)
  • Beanie – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Boots – Jeffrey Campbell rain boots (storm boots perhaps?)

For this outfit I wanted to focus on the jacket. That’s why I can’t remember what T-shirt I wore. The beanie was another sale item from this past spring – right before I left school for the summer (& fall). I think the T-shirt is a long-sleeve white one from the Gap that I probably stole from my mama, but can’t be sure. These black jeans came intact at the knee – my parents get angry when I pay money for ripped clothing – but one of the knees started fading around February of this year, so I took matters into my own hands & gently distressed then cut holes in the knees of both legs. They look essentially the same as the originally distressed Topshop jeans – just more distressed. I like them, & I like the character they bring.


The beanie is simple, but the Tommy logo on the front adds a bit of color to my otherwise monochromatic look – aside from the jacket, of course. The boots were a pre-Christmas sale deal from fall 2015. I keep my clothes around for a good while.

“When You’re Waiting For UPS”


These photos were definitely not taken seriously…but I was very excited about the pants I’d just gotten on sale & wanted to share them with the world – hence, why these photos turned out well (I think). Color coordination with flowers/pumpkins etc. not intentional, but definitely added to the aesthetics.


  • Top – Guess
  • Earrings – gift from a friend (a little shop somewhere in Japan; thank you S!)
  • Scrunchies – Urban Outfitters
  • Pants – Zara
  • Vans – Vans…
  • Sunglasses – Sunglass Museum

The top was the only thing I bit the bullet on to buy full price; everything else I’d gotten on sale (this was the weekend after Black Friday; I’d gotten some good deals & hoarded some good things, too). I rarely, rarely wear anything other than black jeans, so these pants were (& still are) a big exception. But – they’re super comfortable, they’re bell-bottoms, so I suppose they’re on trend (aren’t bell-bottoms the thing right now?) & the tie around the waist makes them easy to keep up, even though they’re pretty high-waisted. I tried to keep the color coordination on-point, too; there’s a little red on my shirt, & the yellow of the scrunchie isn’t too off from the color of my shirt. I stuck to my gold jewelry rule that I’ve been keeping since late spring, & threw on my Vans & sunglasses. I like wearing my Vans with any/every outfit; I think that the classic checkerboard pattern goes with everything, & that they’re a cute addition to any outfit – just like Dr. Martens. My sunglasses are the same ones from my summer hospital glam, & the little gold lion detail on the side fits with my gold/yellow color scheme I have going.


I love these pants – they’re pretty recognizeable, obviously, & I’ve fondly come to refer to them as The Pants. I don’t wear them as often as my black jeans, but I have no problem “repeating” an outfit – which some people find embarrassing. If you like it, wear it. If you still like it…wear it again. #RepeatOutfits2k18

“Cozy Sheep”


This is a super simple outfit I threw together while going out the door to take care of some school paperwork back in November; I got a lot of questions about the hat/sweater, though, so I thought I’d indulge! You obviously can’t see the full ensemble here, but I’ll break it down.

  • Sweater – Urban Outfitters
  • Hat – a gift from a friend (& my favorite beanie currently)
  • Coat – Fjallraven
  • Pin – ??? it was a gift from my mom (shocker)
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Boots – Jeffrey Campbell rain boots (same ones as the photos of me in the puffer jacket)
  • Earrings – Mejuri (PR-gifted)


Whenever I bring out this sweater, I get questions. Oh! FYI, my phone case is by Speck here (I have an iPhone 7 & I’m pretty sure this case is still available) & my nails are an OPI color – the Tiffany Blue one. My mama owns it, not me, but I steal it from time to time. Back to sweater coziness & everyone asking about it. I don’t blame anyone; I ask whenever I see anything remotely cozy, too. The sad story behind this one is that it’s definitely not available anymore – not this exact one, anyways. I was shopping my last year in high school over Christmas break, found this sweater in my size at Urban Outfitters – originally $70, paid $25 because of sale – snatched it up, & have been wearing it ever since. It’s super warm…like…extremely warm (& remember I’m always cold) so I can’t ever really wear this unless it’s truly very cold outside. It’s all worth it, though – I look like a little sheep in it, & I feel like one, too. The hat is extremely cozy; my friend bought it for me & she has the same one. They’re a ribbed knit, you can see there are a lot of fall/winter neutral stripes, so it goes with pretty much any outfit – at least, that’s what I tell myself, because god knows I wear it almost every day.


The coat was a winter present from my parents last year. This is a Canada Goose quality jacket; made for arctic temperatures (which is what it’s like where I am) – it’s just more ethical, because Fjallraven doesn’t use real fur on their hoods! I can’t remember which exact one it is, but I think it’s called the Polar Guide. Another plus to not having a fur hood: it’s significantly less expensive than Canada Goose, but just as warm. Love love love! The pin is a present from my mama – I keep joking that I’ll get it tattooed on me one day (am I really joking, though?) – & I keep it there all the time. I think it’s cute! I added the Mejuri earrings to the ensemble to make the beanie look a little more feminine; I had on some cute lip gloss & wanted a bit of a “girly” touch. All Mejuri stuff I own is incredibly comfortable; if you’re wondering whether you should spring for these (the Sapphire Pearl Studs) or their famous mini hoop earrings, go for it. Not sponsored; they’re really just very comfortable & minimalistic with a touch of glamor.

There you go! That’s the outfit!

“The G.I. Jane”


I took these photos for a piece I’m writing on…the G.I. Jane – aka, the takeover of the buzzcut for women, how it’s breaking out on runways as well as in real life, how it’s helped my confidence (& style!) & a whole bunch of other things, too. I’ll post that soon, I promise! That’s just a little backstory on the photos. I’d freshly shaved my head in these photos – the point of the piece I was writing – & I wanted to look very “androgynous” & dress the way I felt in that moment. This is how it turned out! This is more about my hair (or lack thereof) than the clothing.

  • Tube top – Urban Outfitters
  • Jeans – The Gap
  • Boxers – Jockey

The top is a simple sock/tube top that I bought from Urban in March. They have a really nice underwear/bra line that goes along with this, & I love the bralettes in that collection; they’re very stretchy, very durable. Same fabric is used here with this top, & it’s only natural that I’d like the fit of this, too. It doesn’t fall down; it stays up very snugly, even though I’m pretty (okay, very) flat-chested. I rolled up the bottom a little to show off my boxers, but it stretches just to my bellybutton if I were to wear it normally. Oh – no weight comments, please. Yes, I’m thin! No, it’s not healthy! I am not this thin because I want to be; I’m not this thin because I have an eating disorder (though that’s not meant to imply people with EDs want to be ill). I’m thin because of my Crohn’s Disease, which you probably already know I have. If not, check out my chronic illness tab. Okay moving on! 


I filtered the heck out of these photos because again – I wanted a certain aesthetic – but the boxers are a faded turquoise/dusty turqouise. The jeans are a pair of old Gap jeans that my mama picked up for me at the sale rack years ago. I never wear light denim, but these are a pale blue/baby blue. I liked the way it went with the white of my tube top; I have a little scrunchie in the back, which is somewhere in between the color of the jeans & the boxers. The boxers were pulled up high on purpose (so you could see the Jockey lable) & I needed something to hold them in place. What better thing than my best friend, the scrunchie – right?

My jewelry is limited; I’m wearing the Baby Cable Gold Chain from Ventrone Chronicles, which was a Christmas present last year from my dad. It has a lot of sentimental value! Super simple, super affordable – but I never take it off…ever. Even though the instructions say to remove, I break the rules. This doesn’t come off, just like my tattoos!

I guess the point of me including this outfit that was oddly filtered was:

  1.  Me feeling very androgynous; this happens a lot when I have a fresh buzzcut. I’d call this a butch look/dyke look, whatever your lesbian preferences are. Outfits don’t “make you gay” but this outfit “made me feel gay” – aka, I was confident in my body, proud of how I presented in that moment, & proud of my identity. Very lesbian!
  2. Me wanting to show off how comfortable & confident my buzzcut makes me feel. The confidence it has given me is incredible, & I’m so glad I decided to do it.

If we’re talking comfort: everything worn here is extremely comfy! The top is still available; the boxers are too – just not in this color. Jockey’s underwear is great, & I want to try out a few of their bralettes. The jeans are super soft & fitted very nicely, even though they’re skinny & had to deal with the bagginess of the boxers. That goes to show you: women can wear boxers, too! & guess what: they will look lovely! Back to my point: my pride/my identity heavily influences the way I dress, & the confidence I’ve acquired from my identity evolving has positively affected me mentally. I think it’s pretty evident in these photos, & it’s another testament to the fact that you don’t have to wear a lot of fancy stuff to look good & feel confident.

“Hospital Glam, But Make It Extra”


I’ll admit it: I went for blood here, & that was intentional. I was making a video (which you can watch here!) on how to be confident/act confident in a doctor’s office or any other medical environment. Shameless plug: I also wrote a piece on that for Unbound Babes, which you can (& should!) check out here! I tried to focus on hospital glam, how it’s helped me feel powerful in overwhelming situations, & how women/people with “feminine bodies” are discriminated against way too often in the medical field – whether they’re professionals or patients. Anyways! This was an over-the-top example of how I dress if I want to truly go all out/be glam in a hospital bed or at a doctor’s appointment.

  • Shirt – Urban Outfitters
  • Bralette – Urban Outfitters
  • Faux fur scarf – Zara
  • Necklace – Zodiac Gemini by Mejuri (PR-gifted)
  • Scrunchies – Urban Outfitters
  • Glasses – Sunglass Museum
  • Earrings – Maria Black Jewelry (PR-gifted)
  • Eyeshadow –  Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stick in “Ridiic” (just the one product)

Let’s talk about the Urban things first – did you guess I got it all on sale? You’re actually wrong this time; I paid full price for this bralette last winter – & it was worth it! I repeat: it was worth it. Seriously, though: it’s hard to find any bralette of this type that’s not full price, so I went for this one. It’s definitely cheaper than For Love & Lemons, that’s for sure. The sheer shirt & scrunchies (also both Urban) were on sale; I think there was 30% off loungewear or something like that, which is what this shirt qualifies as. Still, though – if you can’t find this one, there are infinite options out there. Sadly, we no longer have American Apparel to rely on for these kinds of basics, but we have ASOS. We have independent shops. These aren’t hard to find!


Obviously, the focal point here is the scarf…& oh wow! I sure do love this scarf! It’s from Zara, it’s faux fur but not itchy, & it was $25. I’ve only worn it out once as an outfit, but we have many cold months ahead. I’ll make some real time for this gem very soon. The sunglasses are steampunk-type shades I got from Sunglass Museum; when I got them I’d just seen the Migos walk a red carpet wearing really put-together suits & sunglasses. I wanted some like that, so I peeked at what SM had to offer. Turns out: I matched them pretty well! The hoops are pretty, & since I have the bright yellow going in the scarf – & since I was already wearing my every day necklace – I decided to keep it coordinated with the hoop earrings. These went nicely with the yellow in my scarf, & emphasized the blue & purple.  I’m going hard with the red eyes, colored scarf, & cheeky top –  the classically-shaped hoops just give the outfit a little bit of softness. Over the top? Absolutely. Worth it? 100%.

“Bald Sugarplum Fairy”


I didn’t really think this was a “look,” but I got a lot of questions about my dress in this. The outfit is super simple: boots, tights, & a cute dress. What makes it special to me is knowing how genuinely happy I was when these photos were taken! I get cold easily, so I don’t really hang out in the snow, even for a quick photo op…but it was Christmas Eve, I was driving home with my mama, & she agreed to stop quickly to take some snow photos. I was excited! Never done before (by me), okay?

  • Dress – ???
  • Tights – ???
  • Boots – Zara
  • Scrunchie – Urban Outfitters
  • Earrings – Maria Black Jewelry

My mama made a tradition a while back: she picks out my Christmas Eve dress & my siblings’ Christmas Eve dresses. She doesn’t go far – just to a small boutique store near me. It’s been a tradition for a good while! I don’t come home for Easter (not since I went to college) so Easter dresses aren’t a thing in my family; Christmas Eve ones are, though! I don’t know the brand, I just know it says “Ella” on the back label. The tights are just…good old dark grey tights! I have a bunch of these; they were a staple for me when performing places (along with black ones) & this shade of dark grey usually goes with any winter outfit I have planned that shows leg. It’s just a good neutral color that gives a tiny bit more dimension than black tights with black boots – because these boots are black! I got them last Black Friday weekend at Zara’s online sale, & they make me feel really tall, look really tall, & though I’m not sure how I look when I’m walking, I do at least feel like I’m walking a runway. It’s something about the platform boots!


I wanted this look to be festive & feminine – great example of how you can feel however you wish if you have a shaved head! I don’t think it ever “takes away” anything from the look. If anything, This is quite admittedly a very simple, elegant dress; I think my hairstyle gives it a little bit of edge. Maybe heads turned, maybe they didn’t – but I felt like that’s what I was doing, & at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Bonus points to the boots for giving a little extra edge & to the bell sleeves for a little extra elegance. I felt amazing here!

That’s all I’ve got: my top ten outfits of 2017 have been picked & documented. If you’re looking for a style philosophy or some words of wisdom, I’ll say this: shaving my head helped me think more creatively about how to dress on a certain day. It pushed me to find out just how “edgy” I could get; it showed me that I could still look & feel feminine with my haircut. I’d thank my buzzcut for helping me with my style this year! Also thank you to every sale section ever. Keep your eyes peeled for bargains, wear scrunchies as bracelets, & if you think it’s cute but are worried that you’ll look weird…wear it anyway. I promise you’ll look great. 

Tell me what your favorite look out of all of these was, if you feel like it! Until next time – I have a few things I may post before the year is over, so keep up your guard. 


Sofia ❤ 

I Love__…June Favorites!

Hello friends! I’m back, hitting you with my June favorites post. This is going to include some skin care, some makeup, & a nail polish & a bag!!! I’m truly branching out. Amazing! I hope you enjoy these mini reviews. I love all o these & am not faking (as always!! Why would I!).

The Ouai’s Morning After Kit

I jumped on the bandwagon! It’s the one everyone’s been on for a while, but my ears perked up once I saw Ouai’s Rose Hair & Body Oil all over my friends’ Instagram feeds, as well as my own discover feed.

Okayyyy…I get it! I shaved my head again (you all know this…& stay tuned on a post about that) but I used these before I shaved it & will still be using a few even now that I have. I bought the Morning After Kit because it had three products that I was super interested in trying:

  • Rose Hair & Body Oil – it’s an oil…for hair & body! It is super Instagram-able. I get why it’s all over my feed…it’s truly gorgeous. I love anything & everything rose-scented, so I was excited to give this a go. Also…the color of the product looks like rosé. Very elegant, very summery. This is not a greasy-feeling, overwhelmingly sticky or slimy oil! Very lightweight, I only needed two small pumps for my whole head (now just one!) & the smell is absolutely gorgeous. I know people have reservations about rose scented products because of the whole “that’s my grandma’s potpourrie bowl” thing but it’s 2017, people! I promise this won’t give you potpourrie hair. Also…super shiny effect. It feels healthy on my scalp & hair. I really like this & even though I have no hair now, I’ll be getting full-size once I run out of this mini (also, stay tuned for a post on what i do to my hair/how i take care of it when it’s shaved down to almost nothing!)
  • Dry Shampoo Foam – okay, this stuff kind of blew my mind. I’d never liked dry shampoo; it always felt too sticky or cruncy or stiff. This one is in an aerosol can, so it comes out like shaving cream. “Foam” is right – this stuff is like meringue! It smells gorgeous. Everyone describes it as “gardenia florals” & I’d have to agree! It’s definitely not overpowering, but it’s more scented than the Rose Hair & Body Oil. Regardless, it really got rid of dirt/oil, made some real volume in my hair, & is fun to use (I like foamy products if you haven’t noticed!).
  • Finishing Crème – again, another love! There wasn’t a product in this kit I didn’t love. This has a very subtle scent; it’s a lightweight hair lotion that gives hair shine – also makes hair look healthier! Easy to apply on damp hair.

Biossance 100% Squalene Oil 

cannot rave enough about this product. It’s meant for face, body & hair – it’s organically sourced, cruelty free, has no scent (so if you’re sensitive to scents, this one is for you!) & makes everything better…not to be dramatic. Seriously, though! I put it on my hair (again…coming soon on how hair cair is still necessary even when it’s super short), my body, & recently, my face. I was worried it would break my face out, since the skin on one’s face & one’s body are different (the face is 100% more sensitive). Never fear. This oil hasn’t let me down, ever. It’s good on my face, my hair, & my body. It has 4 & 3/4 stars on Sephora, too…I’m not the only one.

Hair products galore!

This is a cleansing device sent to me by FOREO (thank you so much!!). It really changed my cleansing game, as I’d been using a charcoal sponge to cleanse previously. I recieved it in the beginning of June, fully charged it, & it still is going strong! It’s meant to be used once a day, & I use it in the evening. My skin is even clearer than when I was using the charcoal sponge, which I appreciate – since it’s a device that’s significantly more expensive! I like playing around with the different settings, depending on how my skin feels that day – & it stops every 15 seconds to let you know you should move to another area to cleanse. Very meticulously done, very well thought-out. I really love this! Oh…& now I can shower & wash my face at the same time. I didn’t like bringing my sponge in the shower. Loves it. (Read my review of FOREO products here!)

Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom

Truly the product of the month. One of my favorite Glossier products is their Balm Dotcom. This flavor/shade (??) was a game-changer. Holographic packaging, a shimmery balm that can be used on the lips, lids, or high points of the face as a highlight. Created in collaboration with Milk Bar (the famous bakery in NYC renowned for their special birthday cake), the balm smells & tastes (!!) like birthday cake. You get a special sticker (pink, with silver glitter, & balloon-shaped) – but only for the summer. The balm is here to stay; the sticker is a summer collaboration with Milk Bar – & a summer collaboration only! Get the sticker while you can (looks amazing on a phone) & if you want a full review of the Birthday BDC, click here!

CLĒ Cosmetics Essence Air Cushion

Sheer coverage. SPF FIFTY. FIFTY!!!!! FOR A FACE MAKEUP PRODUCT! No greasiness, comes in various shades (unlike most K-Beauty brands), doesn’t leave a line, thanks to the cushion applicator, & gives a dewy glow – it’s like Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, except in a cushion. & with SPF 50. Yupppp. Also…stay tuned for some special CLĒ stuff I’ll be doing soon 🌚

Glossier’s Birthday Balm Dotcom, CLĒ’s Essence Air Cushion, Essie’s Perfect Posture 
Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream

Saturday Skin keeps doing it! This is an airtight moisturizer, so nothing can get to it. Contamination risk? Zero. It feels velvety smooth & soft; the texture is so nice that I can wear it during the day (under makeup or just by itself) or as a night cream. It’s hard to find a moisturizer that can do day & night. This one does day & night…& it does it beautifully. Also: the cream has a light, fresh, citrus scent that is infinitely relaxing.

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask

I absolutely love Herbivore, their products, their aesthetic, & their standards – they’re vegan & cruelty free, so for any of my readers/followers who are looking for skin care/makeup that’s vegan/cruelty-free, this is the brand for you!

I’d had my eye on this Herbivore Blue Tansy mask for a while, but restrained myself…since god knows I have enough face masks. However, about a week ago, Herbivore had their 6th birthday, & to celebrate that, had 15% off any purchase – & included a deluxe sample of the Blue Tansy mask in each order. I couldn’t resist! I ordered their Pink Clay Cleansing Bar (stay tuned for a post on solid facial cleansers), & eagerly awaited my package.

I was NOT let down. This is an amazing mask, I’ve used it quite a few times already, & I can really see an improvement in the brightness & clarity of my skin. It’s super lightweight – described as a “natural clarifying and cooling gel mask that gently exfoliates, smooths, and resurfaces skin.” “Gel” is absolutely correct. Although the mask is a deep, ocean-blue in the jar, it gives only the slightest blue cast to your skin when applied. It tingles, which is normal for any product containing AHAs, but is not unpleasant or uncomfortable. I love using this in the evening: I cleanse my face, apply the mask, brush my teeth, hop in the shower, come out, & rinse off the mask. This is the perfect window, since it takes me 15-20 minutes to do all that, & Herbivore recommends you leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes! If you’re new to AHAs, you should start with 5-10 minutes – just so you don’t risk a burn or a bad reaction! AHAs are great for the skin, but if you’re sensitive, it’s better to start slow.

Damn you, Herbivore – you really got me hooked, & I know I will be purchasing the full size once I’ve used up my sample. However, it’s a generous sample. I’m not too worried about running out that quickly! (For 25% off ANY Herbivore purchase, click here.)

Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser / Milk Makeup Matcha Toner 

Okay. I haven’t done these enough justice (I don’t believe you’d find a photo of these babies on my Instagram) but they’re really amazing. I love both! I love the toner more, since it’s 1) super soothing, cooling, & reduces redness (like a Milk Cooling Water Stick – but actually intended to be a toner) 2) the world’s first solid toner, which is pretty amazing 3) is TSA-friendly – something I’m always on the lookout for! I love the cleanser, too – just not as much as the toner. Don’t get me wrong – I really like it. It smells amaaazing (the toner is scent-free) & I always know I’ll wake up with clear, fresh skin after using  it. I just am speaking out of paranoia here, since I’ve had no issues with it…but the cleanser does have some sort of micro-beads in it, so I’d be nervous to use it every single day in fear of breaking open my skin. Still, this is a suspicion that hasn’t occurred – I’m just voicing why I don’t use it every single day. I’d definitely take the cleanser & toner if I were to fly somewhere. It’s easy, it’s clean, & saves you a lot of extra little bottles & containers. Milk’s been putting out some very neat products lately (aka Glitter Stick for Pride Month!!) & I think this falls into the “neat” category.

Milk Matcha Duo, Saturday Skin’s cream, Herbivore’s Blue Tansy Mask, my FOREO in the background (as well as some hair product!) & Essie’s Perfect Posture in the foreground

Essie Gel-Couture Color: Perfect Posture 

I love this color so much! Essie calls it a periwinkle poweder blue – I prefer baby blue. Whatever you want to call this shade, it’s amazing – delicate yet unique. It makes your nails stand out, but doesn’t make them look streaky, like so many white nail polishes might do. Basically, it stands out in the best way, stays on forever (part of Essie’s gel collection) & the name is adorable.

Pop & Suki Camera Bag

I finally did it! My very own Pop & Suki Camera bag. I got it in Noir, didn’t choose to customize it, but got a luggage tag (also in Noir) with the pink letter “S” on it. Simple, minimalistic, so easy to carry around – &, despite its small size, it really does fit a surprising amount of things. At the same time, the bag’s small size encourages you not to overpack, which, as a serial overpacker, I truly appreciate. Did I mention that they’re the cutest brand ever? I want a P&S/Glossier collab now, please! They’re the brand queens of #millennialpink (they also have makeup cases, if you’re interested).

I wouldn’t have bought this bag myself, but I got birthday money – & I am glad I used it on this baby. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a “What’s In My Bag” post!

That’s it, everyone! My favorites for the month of June. As always, I’m being completely, 100% honest. I’d never post about a product I didn’t like – especially not for a monthly favorites type of post. Then there’s no point!

Let me know in the comments what your June favs were!


Sof ❤



The Sexual Wellness Company That Keeps You Stylish, Satisfied, & Socially Aware

@unboundbox on Instagram – like so many Instagrams these days – is a mood board for sexual confidence, body positivity, political activism, & personal style.

Unbound’s site, which has been featured in Allure, Vice, Cosmo, & Teen Vogue (!!), isn’t much different. Click “shop” & you’re given a page that features “all the things!” The things are anything from cleaning supplies, to lingerie, to…cock rings???

Unbound is truly a unique company. They carry many retailers…so yes, you can purchase a vibrator for $25(or $119)bath salts for $24, & a mug that proclaims “The Future is Female” for $13 all on the same website. Not many companies can boast the same.

I started pretty tame. I went for the Twiggy Venus Earrings in Gold, & perhaps a more risqué Cleo Whip Chokerwhich, interestingly enough, is described as a “glam choker delicately encircles your neck to meet in an elegant golden pendant that draws the eye. When unhooked, this piece serves as a functional whip suited to light BDSM play.”

Both of the options I selected are simple & understated (which is what I look for in my jewelry) – but if you want something a bit more out there, you can always go for the super lux (& out there) Cleo Restraint Set – or even earrings that double as nipple clampsHey…there’s something for everyone! & let’s admit it: there’s something more than a little cool about having jewelry that is, let’s say…multi-purpose.

But if you wanna stay in your lane, that’s fine, too. Those “Nevertheless, She Persisted” mugs are there for you all, too.

Each piece of jewelry comes in a little bag with a unique doodle or drawing

The…multipurpose…Cleo Whip Choker 

The Venus Earrings – only meant for ears

(The choker worn two ways…& a close-up on the lovely earrings!)

If you’d like to check out Unbound Box, use the code SOF15 for 15% off any of their products! (Not an affiliate!!!! I am not getting compensation for this code!!! I always want to be perfectly clear with all of you <3)

Stay stylish, empowered, or satisfied…or all three! That’s cool too!


Sof ❤


OOTD: Outfit(s) On My Birthday 

Hello hello! It’s me, your favorite! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I did with my hair/makeup/l & what clothes/accessories  I was wearing in this Instagram & this Instagram – both outfits for my 20th birthday! Here’s some information about the things I was wearing, on my face, head, body, & ears!

Outfit #1 (before I changed my mind)





Outfit #2


  • Dress: Free People (bday gift from my friend!) – I searched for it high & low on the website but could not find it, I’m sorry!
  • Bodysuit (underneath the dress): Urban Outfitters from last year
  • Shoes: ???? (my mother’s shoes)
  • Scrunchie: Free People (bday gift from my friend!)
  • All accessories otherwise stayed the same (jewelry, etc.)

That’s all!!! Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how I keep my hair slick! & enjoy this video, wearing Urban Outfitters, Sunglass Museum, & Cosabella. Just a little (slippery) fun. 🍷📸


Sof ❤

Day In The Life

A lot of you ask what my days are like, & this was a highly requested thing for me to write about! Honestly, since I’ve been chronically ill, & especially when I’m at home during the summer, I don’t do much. It’s me going for walks, sitting outside, laying on my bed with windows open (no pants) & I love watering my succulents & burning my candles. But that’s during the summer, & for the most part, my summer days go in & out without much happening. I thought I’d be a little more entertaining & write about what my days are like at university! This year, I’m returning as a Bachelor of Musical Arts, rather than a Violin Performance Major, so my classes will be a bit different. Still, I’ll try to put out a pretty good schedule of what my week is like as a chronically ill arts student at university (who still tries to get a bit of fun in when able to).

A peek out the window of my dorm room. Yup – I was still in a dorm this past year! Apartment time this September.
  • Monday, Wednesday Friday: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays are early mornings – by early mornings, I mean classes that start at 8:30 a.m. I know, for those of you still in high school, it doesn’t sound that early – but unfortunately, I can’t just roll out of bed & run to class. I have to get up at least an hour & a half prior, so that I can take my meds, wait for them to kick in, & (gross, I know) if I’m going to be sick (aka, throw up) it’s better for me to do it at my place rather than run out of my lecture hall…been there, done that. Throwing up sucks, but I’d rather do it at my own place. Plus – I can’t just walk to class; I have to take a bus! That adds another 15 minutes at least to my morning. After my morning classes, (depending on the day, I’m done with “mornings” by either 9:30 or 11:30) I’ll start heading back, maybe stop at Starbucks before I go home, & I’ll read, write, do homework, & eat something small.
    My favorite way to kick back after morning class: face mask, Starbucks refresher, & a bagel.

    Then, it’s time for afternoon classes – but for Mon/Wed/Friday, I’ll usually only have one – sometimes none, & just an evening class instead. Since I’m a night owl, I definitely prefer the evening classes, though they can mess up my Fridays if I have weekend plans. Still, if a class gets out at 8:30 pm, no night life truly starts before 10 pm! I try to go to bed early during the week, but like I said, I’m a night owlIt’s pretty hard for me to get to sleep, so when I can’t (which is often), I’ll just do some writing, reading, play the only game on my phone that I have (Tap Tap Fish…) or just listen to podcasts or playlists. At some point, hopefully before 3 am, I drift off!

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: Much better. Classes don’t start for me before 10:30 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays – but I have more work to do in the afternoon. Still, it’s a lot easier for me, since I can sleep in, take my time if I’m feeling ill, & go to class in a more leisurely manner. Afternoon classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, like I said, require more effort & concentration – usually it’ll be something like art history or an English/writing class, which means a lot of note-taking & preparation (if you don’t do the readings before? Busted). Still, I really am a writing & literature junkie, so I don’t mind all that much when I have a few articles or some textbook chapters to read. The beauty of university is that (for the most part) you can pick what you enjoy! I try to pick writing classes that I truly will enjoy, so that I can have fun & write about things for which I have passion. I try to go to bed earlier on Tuesdays & Thursdays, since my “early days” are Mon/Wed/Fri. That’s not entirely successful, but I do my best.
  • Saturdays & Sundays: If I “go out” which was rare my past semester as I was pretty sick, it’ll be on a Friday night.
    Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
    A rare weekend escapade

    That way, I have Saturday & Sunday to recharge! If I go out on a Friday, I’ll get back pretty late, & I’ll sleep quite late too. Then, I might go for brunch with people, just lay in bed more (depending on my condition!) or get ahead on a little homework if I’m feeling like it. On Sundays, I again try to sleep late, but still try to fit in a good breakfast! For me, Sundays are about getting nice & clean, finishing up work I have left over, doing a fresh detoxing face mask, & washing my hair. All those things make me feel more ready for the upcoming week.

What do you do for hair/makeup/fashion at university?

As most of you probably know, I’m super low-maintenaince with my hair, particularly after I shaved my head last summer & let it grow back! I wash it a few times a week & use this Biossance 100% Squalane Oil right after I get out of the shower & towel out excess moisture. Then I let it air dry. I like to wash my hair before bed because I’ll wake up with different hair every time…which I actually really like. I used to be super self conscious of my wavy hair & how sometimes there’s just one curl that refuses to lay flat but now I just chill out about it. I like my hair how it is, & really can’t be bothered much with it! No dyeing & I try to keep it as heat-free as possible. I have thick healthy hair & like to keep it that way!

As for makeup, when I have early classes, I usually wear little to nothing (usually nothing, especially if I only have one class before I can go back to my place). I’ll wash my face, of course, & moisturize, etc., but as for actual makeup, I might put on some Glossier boy brow & maybe concealer if I’m having a bad skin day/week & feeling super self-conscious about it (that happens less & less. more on that soon!). For later classes, I’ll put on some highlight, maybe a lipstick. But I’ve been wearing makeup to classes less & less. I don’t really feel the need to – that’s just personal! I’ll always compliment someone on their makeup if I like it, whether it’s a full face at 8:30 am or 11:30 pm! I appreciate the time & effort, trust me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Probably the most makeup I would wear to a class – here, I was wearing Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier perfecting skin tint, Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze, & a YSL Rouge Tint Volupte in No. 40. Get my Glossier at glossier.com/reps/sof!

I do like to wear a light fragrance if I have the time to put it on (or if I remember). Last year, I had a little rollerball of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but this year I think I’ll be getting a full-size Margiela fragrance for myself for my birthday (!!) & will probably use that as a nice day fragrance. A fragrance brings some glamor into whatever you’re wearing on your body or face!

For fashion: black jeans are my go-to. I’m practically the Harry Styles of my campus. You’ll never see me in anything but black jeans – even if it’s 80 degrees outside (but I live in the Midwest, so that’s usually only the first two weeks of the school year). It may sound stupid, but I think black jeans & a T-shirt really do make an outfit. I have two pairs of the Topshop Leigh Moto jeans (in black) & those are the only jeans I have! I like to wear a chain or some other kind of necklace, & earrings if I have the time! But for daily wear, it’s usually black jeans, some kind of T-shirt (I like band tees, plain white/gray/black ones, especially if they’re layered with a pretty bralette!) & I put a little more effort into my shoes. I have some pretty floral Dr. Marten boots; they’re super worn down by now as I’ve had them since age 15, but Dr. Martens last forever, & I think the grungier they look, the cooler they get. I also have a few pairs of chelsea boots, a pair of Stan Smiths…& the most extra pair of heeled black boots you will ever see. Needless to say…I don’t wear those to my 8:30 a.m. classes – I’m usually half-asleep anyway, & I don’t need to fall when getting on or off the bus because my heels are too high. It’s university, & comfort is key! Especially when you’re chasing your bus, or trying to sneak in unnoticed to a lecture five minutes late. Quiet, comfy shoes & all-black is your perfect camo. On weekends, if I’m going out, I’m a bodysuit fan – a big one. I like how easy they are, how they fit in all the right places (as long as you choose the right one for you) & how easy it is for me to throw on black jeans & high heeled boots & make it a look. Only problem? Hard to pee when you have a bodysuit. But fashion over comfort on the weekends.

A pretty good idea of what I look like on a daily basis while at school! Black jeans from Topshop, watermelon shirt from Urban, chelsea boots from Jeffrey Campbell. (I love the watermelon shirt, & it’s a great transition into summer weather. 10/10)


I’m currently trying to make pajama shirts a “thing.” Isn’t there something glamorous about wearing a striped long-sleeve pajama shirt with a pair of jeans & boots, maybe a few gold necklaces? Maybe it’s just me. But I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect striped pajama set. Feel free to let me know if you have a holy grail set!

At university, it’s all about me staying as comfortable & rested as possible, so that I can do my work & go to class without feeling too ill. I didn’t mention this, but depending on my various blood test results (I usually get bloodwork done every 3-4 weeks) I will have iron infusions once a week for a while. That’s super inconvienient. & painful. &, since I’m allergic to liquid iron, I have to be injected with Benadryl. Also painful, & it makes me sleepy…so I always schedule those on Friday afternoons, so I don’t have to worry about running to class afterwards. While that’s good for my grades, it messes up any fun I might try to have for the weekend. Iron infusions are painful – they burn your veins, make your bones ache, & the added boost of Benadryl just makes me grumpy & sleepy.

That sucks!! But I always try to turn those infusions into something positive. I have a favorite nurse, who’s great at doing my IVs! We’ll always laugh & joke while she pokes me. The hospital is one place that I actually will do a full face of makeup for! It makes me feel powerful & glamorous to be in a hospital bed with a red lip & a blinding highlight. Even thoug I’m asleep half the time, at least I get a couple good photos out of it – just to prove how much of a badass I really am.

Even in pre-op…I refuse to go without accessories. I insisted they let me keep on my hot-pink beanie during surgery. It took some work, but they agreed.
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
One of my favorite outfits ever…EVER! On an exam table at the University of Chicago’s Hospital. That was a bit of a field trip.
Repping Tommy Hilfiger (& my Glossier tote) at an iron infusion, before I got tired & grumpy.
Probably my favorite photograph of all time. Intestines can be aesthetic, too, as long as your lip color matches them.

University has been a challenge for me, because I’m ill! Chronically ill. It’s hard to explain to those who aren’t sick, but think of it as going to class even when you have the flu. Except you have the flu every single day. It’s not been easy – but I’m very committed to school , & in general a pretty determined person. I don’t give up, even when I’m held back in some manner. Take my change of degree, for example! I didn’t want to do that…I wanted to be a violinist! But it physically was no longer possible for me to do that. I could’ve taken a year off, or just given up, but I decided to keep at it. I did a lot of thinking, & writing, & I know the next two years will be difficult, too – but I still am creatively inspired, I still enjoy going to class, & I’m still standing! Like I tell my family: “If I can get out of bed, I’m staying in school.” & I mean it. I might have to take some sick days, but you can catch me at school this September. I promise.

More to come! Let me know what other “personal” posts you’d like to see – if any! Comment below! I love you all.

  • My holy grail Topshop jeans! Two years of wear & no ripped knees, & hardly any fading. Worth it!
  • A lot of the products I mentioned wearing are Glossier – especially Boy Brow, which goes on my face pretty much every day, even if I’m wearing nothing else. I love clear for the summer, but brown is “my” shade if you need some perspective! You can see all my favorite Glossier picks (including Boy Brow) & mini reviews of them here!


Sof ❤

P.S. I realized looking through this that it became a look book of sorts! If you all like seeing what I normally wear let me know if you’d like exclusively “outfit posts” in the future! 

The Indie Jewelry Sisters Who Are Taking Over the World (& My Heart)

She has the most famous collarbones, ears, & neck on the Internet, & her name is Sophia Ventrone.

Sophia & her sister, Daniella, created their online jewelry (& soon, clothing) shop “one September morning of 2014 in Manhattan, sitting in our suite in the Waldorf Astoria during Fashion Week” (x)

Their goal? Affordable, beautiful,  jewelry – velvet & chain chokers, earrings, anklets & a few fine jewelry pieces – associated with an Instagram that alternates between featuring photographs of its jewelry, photographs of the founders or customers wearing their jewelry, & “mood board” photos that complete Ventrone Chronicles’ aesthetic (they even have a “mood board” page on their actual site).

@ventronechronicles on Instagram – a pleasing combination of runway photos, VC jewelry, & other “inspiration” images.
Their popularity skyrocketed – Refinery29 wrote a piece featuring some of their jewelry, calling them “barely there necklaces everyone is wearing” celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski & even the tiny North West (yes, Kim’s baby) started stepping out in their #ventronechronicles.

The most famous neck on & collarbones on the Internet: Sophia Ventrone, wearing her own Roman Gold Link Choker.
But…what’s so special about Ventrone Chronicles? Because it seems like everyone & their mother is stepping out to create an indie jewelry line these days. I’ll see at least 10 new ones a day on my Instagram discover page.

Well, for me, it was several things. Firstly, I loved the concept of two sisters creating something together, something they had passion & love for. These two girls think the world of each other, & it’s easy to see.

@sophiaventrone_ : this is me looking at my fucking everything…@daniellaventrone, you are my everything. my heart, my role model, my inspiration, & best friend. I know not one person kinder than you. I know not one person who could possibly love more than you do. I am overwhelmed right now with you as a human being and how lucky I am to have you in my life. We are partners in something bigger than ourselves…I don’t know what I would do without you and who has ever given me more than you have. You are my whole god damn life. I love you so much…words cannot ever describe how special you are. I am happy everyday I am alive to know I am never alone with you here…I love you. So much. I owe it all to you. Always.
Family love, family support, two wonderful girls always lifting one another up.

Secondly, after buying one of their pieces (the Cleo Gold Link Choker) I quickly noticed that it wasn’t turning my neck green…even though it was affordable! I recieved a lot of compliments, & while happy about them, I still waited in trepidation for my chain’s finish to fade – or for my neck to turn green.

Neither happend. The Cleo lives happily in my jewelry box, & even more happily on my neck. I soon purchased the Deux Gold Hoop Earrings, the Baby Rivoli Medallion Choker, & recieved the Baby Cable Gold Chain for Christmas last year. My neck & ears remain free of any green color, & I continue to get compliments on the simple sophistication of my accessories.

Me! In the Baby Cable Gold Chain, the Cleo Gold Link Choker, & the Deux Gold Hoop Earrings. (They were kind enough to feature me! On @ventronechronicles! 🌟)
I went for a bit of an alternative look this spring, bleaching my eyebrows. It lasted all of three weeks before my eyelids had a bad reaction to the bleach (boooo) but I loved the golden look it gave me, & accessorized with a lot of gold jewelry – mostly Ventrone Chronicles. I wish my golden brows were still here.
Each piece of jewelry you order from Ventrone Chronicles comes in a little leather bag (stamped with the shop’s name) truly making it feel like fine jewelry – even better, an included letter signed by the founders. It makes each purchase special, individual, & personal.

My own Cleo Gold Link Choker – next to its card that says “Thank you, angel!”
Here’s a peek at my slowly growing collection of Ventrone Chronicles:

The Cleo Gold Link Choker & the Baby Cable Gold Chain – my two favorites to wear together!
The Deux Gold Hoop Earrings & the Baby Rivolli Medallion Choker
A lovely plush rose velvet Ventrone Chronicles choker, (gives Venetian vibes!) & the beautiful mess of my own jewelry box
A whole spread of my collection, shining in the sun
So, you might ask if I’m being sponsored to write this. Absolutely not! I first came across Ventrone Chronicles via Tumblr, when I saw Sophia’s famous neck, ears, & collarbones. I immediately loved the look of everything I saw, so I quickly did my research & found the website.

First of all – it’s lovely jewelry that looks extremely high end, but it’s affordable! It doesn’t wear down, doesn’t turn green (just make sure you take your babies off in the shower!) & gives a simple yet oh-so-sophisticated look.

I wasn’t a huge jewelry fan before this, I have to admit! I had a Tiffany necklace & earrings from my parents as a graduation gift, & a pair of diamond earrings that I was given when I was born (don’t worry, I waited to pierce my ears until I was 15). I didn’t wear them much; I’m not sure why. But now, I’ve been wearing my Ventrone pieces as well as my older jewelry gifts so much more. The simple, elegant vibe that Ventrone Chronicles gives off is interesting, a little bit…mysterious…& aesthetically pleasing without being overdone.

One of the reasons I love Ventrone Chronicles the most? The girls behind it. Both girls preach self love, body positivity, & provide words of wisdom both on their personal accounts & on their @ventronechronicles page. Sophia is a great inspiration for me! Her style, the way she marches to the beat of her own drum, the way she spreads love, appreciation, & happiness to all her followers – while still admitting that she’s a human, & has bad days, like everyone else – makes the “company” feel a lot more personal. It feels like every customer is loved & appreciated. That’s a beautiful thing! & not something you see very often with bigger companies, especially ones backed up by corporations.

Sophia’s unapologetic, unfiltered body positivity & self-love & appreciation have inspired me to accept my body as it changes with time, with medications – with whatever!
Sophia’s love of sunlight & beautiful dresses – clearly evident on her page!
So – how did I go from seeing a pretty necklace on an anonymous neck to loving Ventrone Chronicles & everything the brand speaks for?

Familial love. Body positivity. Vulnurability. The concept that simple is beautiful. Being unapologetically yourself – even when you’re not the person the Internet believes you to be.

Best of all, even though Ventrone Chronicles has grown exponentially in the past year, every package still remains personal. They regularly hold sales just in appreciation of their customers! They have free national shipping, & – so unusual for indie brands started in the U.S. – worldwide shipping! They include a signed card with every piece of jewelry you recieve. Though Ventrone Chronicles is big, the girls behind it are still the same. & that is something that I will always appreciate & support.

So, the next time you need to accessorize last minute, don’t worry – Ventrone has your back, & so do the girls behind it. I’ll keep collecting their pieces – & if it is the last thing I do, I will get their Solid Gold Custom Name Plate – & their Genuine Diamond Hoop Earrings (or even better, ask my dad to get them for me).

& stay tuned! Ventrone Chronicles is just getting started. Clothing is coming, as their website says, “veerrrryyyyy soon.”

Keep doing it, sisters! You’re doing it right, & so many people appreciate your art.


Sof ❤

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