My name is Sof! I’m almost 20 years old, I am an arts student, a cat-lover, a skin care aficionado, a music lover–and oh yeah! I am chronically ill. I have severe Crohn’s Disease and inflammatory arthritis.

My goal here is to create a site that adequately showcases my passions, struggles, & interests–with the occasional written piece about being chronically ill. When I was first diagnosed, I struggled to find anyone on the internet that was chronically ill–but talked about other parts of themselves; showcased their personalities & their complete humanity. That’s my goal here! I want to be the girl I wish I’d found on the internet when I was first diagnosed. I want to be here for chronically ill girls & young women, while also showing you that I am a complex human being who is a lot more than her illness!

This blog isn’t just for chronically ill people–by no means! I want to show everyone my interests and share some of my personal struggles. But I want to give a special shout-out to the chronically ill girls who come across this blog. I love each & every one of you. You are so much more than your illness! I want to show you that it is possible to be passionate about a lot of things while being chronically ill. If I can do it, you most certainly can.

And for all of the people on this site who aren’t chronically ill: I hope you enjoy my writing, my skin care reviews, my photographs, and all the other content I will have on here! Like I said: I am a human being. I don’t just talk about my chronic illness because that’s boring! I am relatable to not only chronically ill people but to healthy people, because my illness isn’t the only thing that ties me to someone.

So much love to all of you!