#FashionWith: Aykila

I get a lot of inspiration from the looks/outfits/#ootds that I see on Instagram, Twitter. However, there’s a problem with being inspired by fashion I see on social media: it gets very redundant, very quickly. People wear the same brands because they’re cool. Sometimes, though, it’s more helpful to get a little online inspiration & a little real-life inspiration. It’s like the whole “high/street fashion” trend – find some popular “Internet stuff,” then figure the rest out yourself! Mixing & matching takes work, but it’s possible to do. It’s even possible to do it cheaply. You’ll end up with unique looks that are authentic to how you feel!

That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately – I think online inspiration gives me a good base or “vibe” to go off of. However, I’ve also started looking more to my friends & less to Vogue Magazine (or any Instagram model’s page) for fashion inspiration. I’m lucky enough to have some friends with unique, eclectic style – style that is all theirs.

We wear certain things in certain ways to express ourselves. It can be difficult to do that when 5,000 other people are wearing an outfit styled exactly as you styled it – as seen in Vogue. You get my point.

I decided to start a #FashionWith to brag about my stylish friends’ looks. In #FashionWith posts, you’ll get a “lookbook” of some of their favorite outfits, as well as why they chose what they did. You’ll even get some written-out tips!

Meet Aykila! Aykila’s style is the perfect combo of extravagence, normcore, recent trends, & a whole lot more. As you’ll read, Aykila’s “fashion” – or, rather, “style” – is what makes Aykila…Aykila! Hair, makeup, shoes, & even socks are carefully thought out. Aykila’s an expressive, thoughtful person & I often feel as though each outfit reflects that day’s mood.

Aykila is a dear friend of mine. I don’t say that lightly! I hope you enjoy hearing these tips & tricks. Stay tuned for more #FashionWith!


Sof ❤

On fall looks:

For this look it’s getting cold out! staple pieces are always socks or pants!  cuffed pants/overalls shape legs nicely and makes ever pair of pants the “right length” because I’m so short! in this pick I have on a huge oversized turtle neck I stole from my stepdad, my friend Lily’s overalls, a pair of rose socks I got for my birthday and some cute white shell top sneakers! 

On mixing the high with the low (prices):

Oh yeah my hair is natural and I have two buns in which I think is cute and fun. It spices up my look a lot!
For this look I have on my favorite pair of pants! I’m pretty sure they are from the maternity section but I think you can shop anywhere and if u make it work, you make it work. I really like the color combos on this outfit because I feel like they are very light but they still have depth to them! my pants are intentionally high water and under them I have a pair of stockings that are purple and super comfy and I like how they bring the top of my outfit to the bottom of my outfit! I got them at TJ max I think for like 5$ and I thrifted the pants and the shirt is a purple kind of 60s groove turtle neck body suit that I got from New York and Company. It was pricy but I had to get it and I’m obsessed with it! It’s warm but the sweater is not thick and it’s great for layering. Also I am wearing my white sneakers again which I really really like. if I didn’t wear it with my white sneakers I would have worn my converses and then it would have been a whole different look and vibe! it’s all about colors and finding a vibe for yourself.

On staying cozy:

This is for rainy days and it’s super comfy! I stole the sweatshirt from my friend Jarod and I bleached it! also on the back (u can’t see it in the picture) I have one little bleach stain and in it is a heart that looks like this ❤ which I think really is who I am! I am wearing a comfy pair of leggings and some adidas superstar shoes in white with black details! I was actually really sick this day and it was raining and I actually ended up getting some bad news this day health wise. When I’m not feeling my best but I still want to feel cute yet also cozy, I think it’s really important to have a sweater or a shirt or like some go to pieces in your closet that remind you of home and of your friends and people you love!
This outfit is sort of like my alter ego “a Winter rose” they are someone who is very much cocky but also really sweet! for this look I have on a pair of overalls I got from old navy and a white shirt that is actually like one of those concert ones you get when you’re in chorus! I think it is my sisters old one and I really like the cut of the neck and the sleeves. I have on a pair of cheap clout goggles I bought on impulse and a rose I got on my 17th birthday from a local skating place. I really love this outfit because it explores a different part of aykila
This outfit was really fun to put together! I am wearing a shirt I made myself that says one of my family’s phrases “love,sweet love” I am wearing a headscarf I got from Walmart probably, a pair of legging, a phillies bomber jacket I stole from my dad and my rose socks with my favorite summer shoes that I got from Primark!

On how to make denim on denim work:

For this outfit I am committing one of my FAVORITE crimes. I am wearing denim on denim and I LOVE it! I’m wearing two different washes of denim, a pin I got from going to the African American museum during opening week, a white halter top under a jacket I got from old navy and a light wash denim skirt from New York and company.

On how special outfits can make a special day even better:

This is the outfit I wore on my 17th birthday. It goes with the other one, u should put them together, I am just wearing different pants! you can really see how pants or just your mood can really change an outfit! I really like that concept and idea! this was a really happy day actually, I loved turning 17. It was a time when I was reflecting and really coming into who I am today as a person!

On dressing nicely in the winter-time:


This was a really lovely look for the winter time. The low turtle neck jumper is from New York And Company and I love the colors of it a lot! My winter coat is also from there. My pants are high waisted and thrifted and my shoes are converses that have been drawn and written on by all of my friends! I also have lipstick on in these which I think is an easy way to bring a lot of colors together in one. If you’re feeling a lil wonky just add some lipstick and BAM everything is put together and you automatically are an icon.

On how “messy” looks can make you feel more confident & authentic:

This look was really messy and one of my most remembered! I am wearing a “dad” shirt I stole from a family member. I have on a pair of black shorts and I am holding some flowers I just put in my hair. Obviously this isn’t THAT special clothing wise but I feel like what made it so remembered is my messy hair and my mood in the outfit! the shirt tied up like that with my messy hair made me feel extremely playful and courageous!

On special (super special) occasions:

Okay! so here is my prom look! the theme for my prom was Alice in wonderland so I wanted to feel extremely whimsical! I am wearing yellow. A color that is very me and very fun to wear! 
I wanted my look to be simple but effective and I feel like the yellow really did that for me. the dress is from ASOS and it’s a halter top which I deem as “sophisticated fun”.
For my makeup I did glossy eyes (!), lots of highlight, and a matte pink Colourpop lipstick. The highlighter I’m wearing is “Whipped,” also by Colourpop. My accessories were white, so I am wearing white pearls, white acrylic nails, a daisy corsage, and a pair of white chunky heels! I also have my AE-1 in hand which I think is very important to who I am as a person. 
On prom night I was Aykila the star and I didn’t care who knew that! my prom date is wearing a suit which I think is very nice and laid back so I felt more at ease, also he is wearing some fun socks which I think turns a boring everyday formal outfit into something special!

On the topic of yellow:

I think that this is also a very “Aykila outfit”. I wanted to feel very good about my outfit because I was going to take my drivers test, and I passed it! I am wearing my favorite pants and shoes and one of my favorite colors on my shirt, and a high neck which is one of my favorite necks on my shirt.
I also was wearing clout goggles so I felt invincible.

On thrifting:

This is something I put together the day after I gave myself bangs at 3 am! I really like this Coca-Cola shirt that I thrifted along with the pants! I think chunky belts are a must. I added some really fun details to my pants pockets  to make them feel like they were really my own!
This was a really fun outfit! I am wearing light wash bell bottom overalls from New York and company and a striped shirt from old navy, a pair of baby pink OG Timbs that remind me of my child hood, and a white bandana as a headband. I really like this outfit because I am obsessed with striped and they are amazing just because they are so easy and such a fun but simple pattern!

On stories behind outfits & looks:

This outfit was put together by one of my best friends and it’s 70s inspired! I really love the glasses and the choice of lipstick! I think this outfit was very fun and out of my comfort zone but somehow it managed to still be very “Aykila”
This outfit has a really funny story behind it. It’s actually made up of mostly PJs because I didn’t have any other clothes with me to go out! I am wearing a t-shirt dress from Victoria’s Secret, a jean jacket from Old Navy with a letter from my school on it, a pair of socks I stole from my grandmother, and a pair of shoes I got from Primark that remind me of my dad
This outfit was really fun to put together as well! I am wearing some of my favorite things! Stripes and hats! I love hats and lipstick; they can definitely bring a whole outfit together. In this outfit I am wearing a dress from Old Navy and a bucket hat I got for my dad on Father’s Day from Boscov. And a freeman necklace!
This outfit is really simple but I love it because I match with my beautiful dog! I am wearing things I already described that make me feel good and it was a good day

Aykila’s Reminders & Tips:

  • My number one tip is to be cocky or extra! In this I matched my hair with my shirt and the shirt is actually a shirt my grandmother had made that has a baby picture of me and says “grandmas pride and joy.” Wearing a shirt with your own face on it makes you feel super powerful and like you are everything (news flash: you are)img_5812.png

  • My second thing I have to say is that hair can completely change the vibe of an outfit and is a great way to explore different parts of you that a hairstyle brings out. When I had these long twists I really explored a more cleaner cut version of my style.


  • Another thing is that makeup can bring a whole outfit that you’re not entirely sure of together! Wearing something simple like lipstick or crazy like some glitter on your eyes (or both) can really make you feel secure in an outfit that may be a little out of your comfort zone (ALWAYS feel comfortable to some degree in what you’re wearing and remember you’re wearing the clothing and you shouldn’t let the clothing wear you) img_5815.png

  • Wigs can be used as a way to be someone else for a day and give yourself a well needed break!IMG_5823.PNG

  • Details and SOCKS are everything! Being warm is important and so is layering so you can always adjust everything so that you feel your most comfortable. At the end of the day, everyday has a mood and you can set that premise with an outfit and how you wear said outfit.



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