The Overnight Spot Treatment Duo That REALLY Works – & Costs $30 Total

Okay. We’ve all been there (there meaning oh my god I have a horrific blemish on my face get this off ASAP). That one blemish that pops up & looks bad, feels bad, & makes you feel bad.

Side note: if you are happy with your skin the way it is, don’t let this post make you feel like you need anything to make your skin different. Just because you have acne does not mean that you can’t look beautiful, be beautiful, & feel beautiful!!

So, it’s 6 p.m., you’re about to take off the day’s face, & you notice a blemish starting to form. & then you’re in a bad mood for the rest of the evening, because you’re thinking of how to fix it, or how much work it’ll take the next day to 1) pretend it’s not there 2) use extra time & energy to make it somehow invisible.

Well, maybe you’re not the “you,” but I am most certainly the “you.” Sometimes I still am – let’s be real, there are some blemishes that only heal with time – but I think I’ve finally found the perfect combo for getting rid of blemishes overnight. Keep in mind: these are spot treatments, not to be used all over your face (like a mask) – if you used them like that your whole face would probably fall off! Tread carefully!

My “magic combo,” as I like to call it, lasts forever (seriously) & will cost you a total of $30 (maybe a little more if you’re ordering online). Maybe that sounds excessive…but I know people who shell out a hell of a lot more on clarifying masks, cleansers, & acids that just end up drying/burning the skin – which in fact causes more blemishes (due to microabrasions that come from skin that’s too tight & dry). If you’re near a mall, you’ll probably be able to pick them both up at the same location. If you’re near an ULTA Beauty? Even better! These two products are mere shelves away.

& so, without further ado, I present: My Magic Combo

Origins Super Spot Remover™️ Acne Treatment Gel – $16

I know…it looks super small. It is super small! But I’ve been using one bottle since mid-April, & I’m not even halfway through it. You only need the tiniest drop for your blemish. I’d “been there, done that” with most spot treatments, but after a few of my friends told me that this one seriously worked, I begrudgingly picked it up – & immediately changed my tune the next morning, once I looked in the mirror. Magic? Sorcery? Witchcraft? I have no idea how Origins did it, but they did THAT.

This gel is a very thin consistency, & it’s transparent – so you could go out in public wearing it, without people looking at you, wondering why you have little pink or white dots on your face! I haven’t tried wearing makeup over it, but since it sinks in like a serum would, I don’t think it would be a problem. Still, it isn’t marketed for wearing it under makeup, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t. Anyways…if it works as well as it does for me as it does for you, you won’t have to worry about wearing makeup over it. Just dab or tap on a small squeeze of product! It contains salicylic acid (the OG blemish-control ingredient), several various citrus extracts, which help correct post-blemish darkening, & caffeine and red algae – both calming & brightening. Best of all, this cocktail will help control & reduce redness & irritation while it’s on your skin.

Yes – this product works amazingly by itself! I’ve gone many a night wearing just this, & have woken up blemish-free. But if I have a particularly pesky blemish, I layer my next product on top of the Origins gel to ensure that I won’t feel grumpy about my skin the next morning.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream – $14

Nope – not the drying lotion! The drying lotion is a super, super hyped product (I can’t count how many celebrities, skin care gurus, & makeup artists rave about it), but for me…I’ve never been that impressed by its effects. Don’t ask me why! I know people who love it & swear by it. But it doesn’t have the powers of the drying cream, in my opinion.

Mario Badescu has a great blog (check them out!) where they talk about the differences & similarities of all their products, & feature different products every few days. In one of their posts, they explained the difference between their Drying Lotion, Drying Cream, & Buffering Lotion. (Read it here!) But to put it simply: the Drying Cream is for small bumps & blemishes, particularly those that cluster together in one spot. It comes in a pot, not a vial (Drying Lotion comes in a small vial…I’m sure you’ve seen that clear liquid with the pink sediment at the bottom), & is thick, tan, & most definitely a cream texture. Its main ingredients are sulfur & zinc oxide, which draw out impurities & excess oil – but it also contains aloe, vitamins B & E, & several other soothing ingredients. This combo ensures you’ll have clear skin – but clear skin without the dryness, redness, or irritation.

When I layer this over the Origins gel, magic truly does happen. I can conquer any blemish overnight with this duo! My sensitive skin has never complained, which is a miracle in & of itself. No problems, no angry skin – just clear, calm skin the next morning. That makes my mind clear & calm, too.

Of course, I can’t guarantee it won’t let you down, but I’m 99% sure it won’t (& if you have to choose, get the Origins. It’s more multipurpose – & invisible).

I can’t exactly remember what prompted me to layer these products – probably desperation – but I am so glad that I did. I have an unused bottle of Drying Lotion in the back of my skin care shelf, & I think it’ll stay unused. Meanwhile…I have a backup vial of Origins gel in the front, & my Drying Cream is nowhere near running out. This stuff is the real deal.

So – give it a go! Let me know what you think. & if you’ve tried a particular combo (or even better, a single product) that’s your miracle-worker/holy grail, tell me about it! I think I’ve found mine…but there’s no such thing as perfection, right?


Sof ❤

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