“So Like…Do You Ever Wash Your Hair, Now?” (AKA: How I Take Care Of My Buzzcut)

I’ve had people come up to me & say “it must be so nice to not have to think about washing your hair!”

Ummmmm????????? Um? Nope! Nope nope nope!!! There will be no filthy hairs on my head, no matter how short they are.

It seems like a lot of people assume I stick my head under a cold hose every few months now that it’s short & don’t do much else. That’s…not true.

Obviously, my hair “routine” is super minimalistic, now that I don’t have much hair to begin with…but that doesn’t mean I just completely ignore it.

There’s two products I’m now using regularly (as in, whenever I wash my hair) with my buzz cut.

Hairstory: New Wash 

I’ve made a post about Hairstory’s products & their revolutionary approach to cleansing hair before, but now that my hair is short, my favorite has to be the New Wash. I really like this, since it’s moisturizing, non-foaming, has no detergent in it (which can dry out your scalp) & works as both a cleanser & a conditioner. I use about two small pumps, rub it in my hands, then massage it into my (small amount of) hair & scalp. Then I turn off the water, wait about 15 minutes, & rinse it off. Done! That’s it – no conditioning necessary. New Wash has a pleasant, fresh scent, but it doesn’t linger, which I appreciate – I don’t really like perfume-y hair products, since it messes with any fragrance you might choose to wear. Long hair or short, New Wash has made my hair look healthier & stronger – & made my routine so much easier.

Cute gifs are what makes Hairstory’s website eye-catching; good stuff is what makes Hairstory’s products so amazing
Biossance: 100% Squalene Oil

Okay, so I’ve raved about this product in several posts I’ve made, but I can’t & won’t stop. This has been amaaaaazing for my scalp & hair, before I buzzed it – & after, too! It makes my short hair look very shiny & healthy, & provides a boost of moisture to my scalp. Squalane, which is this product’s only ingredient, is a mega-moisturizing molecule that instantly hydrates while locking in essential moisture. Biossance’s version is non-toxic, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. So, basically, every single one of you need this. I don’t see enough people raving about the Squalane Oil – start hyping up Biossance!!!! Also, if you’re a multi-purpose kind of person when it comes to products, never fear: the 100% Squalane Oil is for face, body, & hair. I’ve tried it out on all of these, & can’t complain. It’s an amazing moisturizer for the body, & a good hydrator for the face…but my favorite use is massaging one pump into my hair right after I’ve showered. The shine will last until I next wash my hair, which is usually every other day/every third day. Get. Biossance.

Simple yet elegant packaging. You’d think the oil would be green by the looks of the bottle. Nope! The oil is completely transluscent; the bottle is tinted
Product instructions on the back of the bottle
Looking for more? Well…you won’t find it here. Honestly! Those are the only two products I truly feel like I need for my hair. Cleansing, conditioning, shining, & moisturizing are key to my hair. These two products give all of that & more.


Sof ❤

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