“What’s That Green Thing??” The Lowdown on Jade Rollers

I like doing Instagram lives quite frequently, most often during my skin-care routine at night (follow me here if you want to join in some time!). I find it very relaxing to have a dedicated skin care routine; I also like to demonstrate how I use certain products/devices for all of you – so, Instagram lives are the perfect method for me to accomplish my “me time” while also engaging with people who have questions!

The question I probably get most often is “what’s that green thing you’re using on your face?” It’s a jade roller. Okay, so what’s it do? It actually does a lot of things – & it looks super pretty on your bedside table or top shelf, too.

Jade rollers have been used as tools in Chinese beauty regimes since the 7th century (x). It is first & foremost a gentle massager for the face & neck. It’s used for lymphatic massage on those areas of your body – lymphatic massage essentially is a gentle method of massage that carries waste fluids (built up in your lymph nodes, hence the name) back towards your cardiovascular system. So, basically, it depuffs & drains your face (as unglamorous as that sounds) – but that’s not all a jade roller does.

The gentle massaging movements increase blood flow in your face, which improves circulation & skin elasticity, as well as tightens pores. If you have more mature skin, using a jade roller may have anti-aging effects.

Best of all, a jade roller keeps you cool & unbothered in the heat – so it’s great for summer. Jade has properties that allow it to remain cool on contact…even in warm or hot weather. This coolness further closes the pores & tightens skin.

So…how can one acquire a jade roller, & how much should one use it – & for how long should it be used?

There are so, SO many options when it comes to jade rollers. I’ve purchased one on Amazon for less than $10, you can get a $24 one from GingerChi (they also carry other anti-aging tools made of jade, as well as various serums), you could get a $25 one from Herbivore Botanicals & you could buy one from Ling for $90. There is a jade roller at every price point. Want a gold-plated one? Go for the Ling. Want a double-sided one (smaller side caters to the under-eye area & other, more delicate parts of the face)? Try the GingerChi one. Want to spend under $10? Get yourself the one from Amazon Dot Com.

The first jade roller I purchased – $9.59 on Amazon
The more expensive GingerChi jade roller – this one has slightly better quality metal – & the two sides, both different sizes, allow you to target larger areas of your face with the larger end, & smaller, more delicate areas with the smaller

Is there a huge difference between a $10 jade roller & a $90 one? Well…I can’t say. I haven’t ever purchased a $90 jade roller, & I don’t really plan on doing so. But I can tell you that the $10 one & the $24 one are equally as effective (the difference between my Amazon roller & my GingerChi one is that my Amazon one has a metallic smell – probably coming from whatever material is used around the actual jade). I use mine whenever I feel like it – you can’t really overuse a jade roller. It cannot puncture your skin & create micro abrasions…so if you want to sit & massage your face with your roller all day, go for it, baby! According to Vogue, the New York facialist Ling Chan (who has clients like Behati Prinsloo & Miranda Kerr) says she starts “at the center of the neck, then [moves] outwards and upwards along the planes of the face before finishing at the hairline.” She also uses it after applying a mask – to help the mask penetrate the skin more effectively. This works especially well for masks that suggest constant massaging while the mask is on, such as Skinfood’s Black Sesame Hot Mask – try using a roller the next time you use a mask like this, rather than your hands.

Pictured with a Saturday Skin sheet mask – I like to use a sheet mask, then massage the leftover essence into my skin with a roller

Jade rollers aren’t the only facial tools out there – there’s also the GuaSha. The GuaSha is also made of jade, but it is not rounded – it is completely flat. It is used to detoxify, regenerate cells, lift a jawline, reduce puffiness, & smooth fine lines. In short – it’s similar to a jade roller…it’s just used in a slightly different way. Instead of rolling the stone across your face, the GuaSha is used with a serum or oil, & should be gently stroking your face in upwards motions. This tightens & cools skin, closes pores, & smooths crow’s feet. Is it necessary for the young adult? I don’t think so – but it’s pretty cool to have around. If you were to pick between one, I’d say go for a double-sided jade roller. It’ll give you many of the benefits the GuaSha lends, but you won’t be paying for two products. Still, the GuaSha is cheaper than many of the jade rollers out there – this GingerChi one is $17, as compared to a $24 jade roller from the same company or a $25 one from Herbivore Botanicals.

The funnily-shaped GuaShua – this one is also made by GingerChi (as you can see on the front)

Long story short – jade rollers are some of the chicest, most beautiful, & most effective facial tools out there. They’re beautifully cooling & relaxing – especially when used right before bed (which is what I’ll be doing tonight) – & there truly is one for every person’s budget. Will this tool change your life? Well…no. But it’ll make your skin feel a lot better; make the muscles in your face feel more relaxed. Best of all, it’ll make you feel like royalty…after all, you are massaging your face with a semi-precious stone. If that doesn’t make you feel pampered, I don’t know what will.

My jade rollers are pretty additions to my night table or my top shelf – I like to keep one near my bed, in case I wake up with a headache. If it’s not a migraine, jade’s cooling, soothing properties can often decrease the pain one might get from a headache. Plus…they really are gorgeous to have on your desk or table


Sof ❤

P.S. If you’re super hot this summer, do what I do with 99% of my skin care: stick it in the fridge. The jade is already naturally cool…on those 100 degree days, a refrigerated jade roller will practically make steam come off your face. Give it a try – you won’t regret it. -S

P.P.S. If you want 25% off any Herbivore Botanicals purchase (including their jade roller) shop here! if you want 25% off any GingerChi (including jade roller) go to gingerchi.com & enter code GCBSAVE25


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