Gun To Head: My Travel Must-Haves

If you’re a skin care/beauty junkie, you know how hard it is to pack for travel. When I say pack, I mean that it’s extraordinarily difficult not to overpack. I get it! Skincare is super soothing for me, & I have a lot of steps in my routine, especially at night. It helps me wind down, get rid of stress or anger, & puts me in a more relaxed, sleepy mood.

However – if I’m traveling, whether it’s an overnight stay, or a month overseas, I have to cut back on my routine. That sucks…I wish I had unlimited suitcase space for all my skin care & beauty products!!! But I don’t. So, I present to you, a list of my travel must-haves. They all fit in two Glossier pink pouches, & they’re the perfect list of things to have for a summer get-away. Enjoy!

Side note: if I’m flying, I’ll be putting some of these bigger products into smaller containers – I like these Sephora Far & Away Silicone Travel Tubes – they come in two different sizes, both are TSA-friendly, & they’re cheap (& cute!).


Obviously a must! Especially for summer travel. If I don’t have sunglasses, I always end up squinting & tearing up. & being accused of looking mad/being mad at someone. Not that cute. I like really weird sunglasses (if you can’t tell) & usually get them from Sunglass Museum. Cheap, cool styles, some of them are vintage! (Not sponsored. I really do just like them a lot.)

Glossier Terry Headband

Obviously you can use whatever headband you choose! This is my favorite. It’s cute, the terry cloth doesn’t slide off my head when I’m masking or washing my face, & it’s very durable – I have two, & have washed them countless times. No breaking down or tearing, & the embroidered “G” is still intact.

FOREO Luna Mini 2 

I was skeptical, I tried it, & now I really, really like it. It’s even less irritating on my skin than the charcoal vegetable sponges I previously used, deep cleanses my skin – but never tears it open – while making me feel like I’m getting the most gentle, soothing facial massage of all time. I was a skeptic before. I’m a convert now. Read about my initial reaction here, & my final conclusion here. Plus…it’s super, SUPER easy to pack.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

One of my all-time Glossier favorites, I cannot imagine going anywhere without this. It can be used on wet or dry skin, doubles as a makeup remover, & always leaves me feeling fresh, clean – but never dry. This is too big to go in a carry-on, so I’d put it in a Sephora Far & Away Travel Tube. But it’s going with me. No matter what.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater – Travel Size 

Teeny-tiny, available at Ulta online or in the checkout aisle, this is only $5, will make it through TSA without a problem, & it’s my holy grail toner. When I found out they made minis of this baby, I squealed. (Pro tip: buy the travel size once, then just pour your own facial spray from a bigger bottle into the mini when you need to travel. Save money!)

Glossier Super Pure Serum

If I have to have one serum only, it’s always going to be this one. It keeps breakouts at bay, the water-gel formula sinks into my skin with no issues, & it’s soothing, clarifying, yet moisturizing. Truly a miracle product.

Mario Badescu Complex Moisturizer With Vitamin E SPF 20

Small enough to travel with, moisturizing enough to use overnight, lightweight enough for daytime, & SPF 20 makes this a perfect travel cream. It doesn’t have an overwhelming sunscreen smell, & I’ve never had problems with a white cast, clogged pores, or any other problems I might encounter when using certain SPF products. Plus – the pale yellow color is super cute.

Origins Original Skin™️ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

Again, an all-time favorite mask. I like this because it detoxes, retexturizes, reduces redness, reduces breakouts, & makes my skin soft all at once. It’s not too rough, but it really goes to work on your skin. Again – too big for carry-on, so this will go in a smaller tube. But I’ll be taking it wherever. Trust me.

Dr Jart Cicapair™️ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

This is especially great for the summer, when you might want a little bit of coverage/want to get rid of some redness, or even out your skin…but don’t want to be bothered with a foundation product. This is super lightweight, can be applied with (clean) hands, & the SPF 30 is just another plus. I have the full size version, but it’s also sold in a travel size – so if you’re not sure about this product, give the mini a go! Meanwhile, I’ll be scooping some of mine into a smaller jar.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair

I know…you’ve probably heard everyone & their mother talk about this one if you’ve watched any YouTube or Instagram makeup tutorial in the past year. But…this stuff really does work. The “fair” shade is light enough for my Snow White skin, & it really does cover up anything you don’t want to be shown. Times that I don’t want any other face makeup, I might just dab this under my nose/on some other red areas or blemishes, blend it out with a brush or my fingers. Done.

Random Brush???

I have no idea where this brush came from (the label is faded) or how it made its way into my collection. All I know is that it’s perfect for applying concealer – & blending it out seamlessly. I take this whenever I travel, it’s super easy to carry since it’s so small, & I can use this & my hands & be all good.

Glossier Birthday Cake Balm Dotcom

You guys know how much I love my Balm Dotcoms (especially rose & cherry). This one really takes the cake, though (hah). It feels the same way as all the other balms do – moisturizing, hydrating, good for lips, face, cuticles, etc. – but the shimmer makes it…amazing for a highlight, eye shadow, & a lip gloss effect. This is a highlight/gloss substitute – & it moisturizes your lips. Doesn’t get better than this. Truly. $40 RMS Living Luminzer who??? I’ll take this $12 shimmery balm instead.

Glossier Boy Brow in Clear 

My fav formula, in a clear shade. Perfect for summer, because my brows go everywhere – I just don’t like pigment on them when it’s hot out (melts off my brows sometimes…not nice!). The clear formula gives the fluffy, taming effect that Boy Brow is famous for, but without the pigment.

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Lip Polish

No matter the humidity levels, my lips are almost always dry. Balm Dotcom almost cures it, but not quite – I use a lip scrub almost every (if not every) night, & this is the only one so far that I can say is really, truly, 100% effective. Looks small, but a little goes a long way. Plus, it’s cruelty free, vegan, & smells amazing. I love to pair it with the Dior Lip Pomade, but not on this trip – remember, I promised not to overpack.

A beautiful mess – all spread out
And…it all fits! (The sunglasses go in my purse)
That’s all, folks! I hope this helps you narrow down what to bring/what not to bring on a trip. Of course, if I were travelling for a longer period of time or was travelling for a special event, I’d be bringing along an “actual” highlight, a mascara, & a lipstick or two. But this is what I’d bring on a 1-2 week summer getaway. Remember – makeup isn’t the focus of your summer trip. It’s having fun, protecting your skin from the sun, & taking photographs & videos to remember your good times – & don’t forget to live in the moment, too!!!


Sof ❤




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