For My Tata (Father) – A Tribute: Diary

Dear Tata, (Polish for “dad”),

We are very much alike yet equally different. I see parts of myself in you every single day now – & I’m grateful to experience this.

Thank you for always being by my side, supporting my mother (& your wife!) when things got “too difficult” to handle.

Thank you for making the choice to move to the United States. Without you having done that, you’d never have met Mama – without her, I wouldn’t be here,

Thank you for being such a stoic person. Your attitude towards medical procedures & surgeries inspires me to act in a more “dignified” manner before, during, & after these events.

Thank you for trying to teach me Polish at a young age – though it didn’t stick!

Thank you for introducing me to a whole range of classical music & musicians. My knowlege wouldn’t be what it is today without your gargantuan collections of CDs & vinyls.

Thank you for being there for my first performance & my last. Thank you for supporing me in whatever I do next – even though I don’t know what next means. Your belief in me makes me believe in myself.

& finaly – thank you for taking the time to explain the plot of The Magic Flute to me, teaching me the Queen of the Night’s Arias, & playing a recorded version of the opera over & over, on our old television.

Thank you for giving me strength, resistence, determination, & creativity. Io we you all those things, & a lot moe that I cannot put into words.

Happpy Father’s Day, Tata!


Sof ❤

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