I’m Feeling Hot…Not In The Good Way – Tips On Keeping Your Cool This Summer!

It’s that time of year! Humidity is up, hair is frizzy, & no matter what, your palms will always feel sticky.

So…what to do? How should you (& I) keep our cool this summer? Here’s five products that will hopefully keep you cool, hydrated, but never sticky (& one that will protect you from those harmful rays of sunlight). Even better? They’re in the middle-range price point, (except for one) & hopefully won’t make your wallet cry.

So…stay cool, stay misty, stay soothed! It’s a must in summer weather.

Aromatica Damask Rose Soothing Gel


This is an amazing product, & I never see anyone talking about it! Exclusively on Peach & Lily’s website (it’s a Korean brand) this gel is cooling when you apply it, yes…but the coolness & freshness stays with you even when it’s absorbed. made with 95% rose water (hence it’s gentleness), this can be used as a moisturizer for the face and body. The price point is incredible – $18 for 10 fluid ounces!! – & it truly is very versatile. I use it on my body after shaving, pat a few pumps into my face, & is so good for sensitive skin – its cooling nature brings down irritation & redness. (Side note: this does have a scent! Not overpowering but it does smell like roses; if you’re sensitive to scents, it’s probably not for you. Aromatica also sells an Aloe Vera Gel similar in formula (vegan & organic!) & I think I’ll be getting it some time soon, especially if I have unexpected beach or pool plans! Aloe is amazing for skin irritated or burnt by the sun, but this gel not only helps sooth burns/irritations – it calms & soothes your skin, too. Even cheaper than the rose one! $15 for 10 fluid ounces. (!!!) All in all, a great addition to summer skin care, a massive amount of product, & simple, almost pharmaceutical packaging that simultaneously manages to be elegant. I love this stuff.

Evian Mineral Water Spray


I know. You’re probably rolling your eyes at EVIAN! Making a facial spray. But…I have to say…this really cools you off. The extremely fine aerosol/spritzer (whichever you prefer) gives a refreshing mist but never splatters too much on one side of your face & none on the other. It’s $12.50 for the smallest size, $18 for the bigger size. Not as cheap as Mario Badescu’s facial spray, but this stuff is good – & it’s especially great for those who don’t like scented products. There’s none in this! It’s simply cooling, refreshing, mineral water.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick


I bought this last year, intrigued. I tried it out, & haven’t stopped using it since. It’s super cooling (hence the name…obviously..), depuffs your undereye area, & i’ve even heard from some that it can be used as a primer. Regardless – however you choose to use this product, it’s a winner. It’s $24, & my first stick from last June lasted to the middle of May this year. I call that a bargain.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive™️ Hydrating Gel


Not cheap, nope. But super effective. It contains the amazing combo of pro-vitamin B & pineapple ceramide. These two ingredients plump, brighten, tone, & improve texture. It also contains sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, which sinks into your skin, providing moisture throughout the day – even if you wipe your face down. Just know – this isn’t a moisturizer substitute. It’s recommended to use before a moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration (& coolness). Truly a breath of fresh air on the skin.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask


One of the best hydrating masks out there! Can be used as a 20 minute mask if you put on a thicker layer; can also be used as a sleep mask (if you apply a thin, even layer over your skin about 30 minutes before bed. It reduces redness, moisturizes without cloggin pores, & is a personal favorite of mine when the summer heat gets too much: I just stick it in my fridge for an extra boost of soothing coolness. Also: try chilling the mask, applying it, then taking a shower while wearing it. The contrast between cool & warm is an amazing sensation.

The Sunscreen: Glossier Invisible Shield


Many people have mixed feelings about this product! Some said it irritated their skin, some complained about packaging. I personally really like mine. The chemical formulation makes it more like a gel-like serum rather than feeling like a sticky sunscreen. No white cast, hypoallerenic, & cruelty free

That’s about all I have for now! I hope you found these descriptions helpful, & that you’ll consider buying some in future. Your skin needs moisture, no matter how hot & muggy it is! Hydration is important: jot that down. Also: ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!! Your skin is at stake here. Treat her well.

Comment some of your cooling, soothing summer essentials! I’d love to hear about new things & your experience with them, as always



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