FOREO Challenge: Part 2 (The Verdict)

It’s me! I’m back! After 7 days of using the two FOREO products I was sent (the LUNA Mini 2 & the IRIS Eye Massager) I am back to report results).

Like I mentioned in my opening post, I am going to be extremely hard on & honest with my review, since these products are not cheap. If they’re not worth tha $139 price tag, I will absolutely be clear in letting you know that.

Before I get to my notes that I took every night after using the products, let me just describe to you how I used the products: I used only one cleanser the whole week, so that any effects (good or bad) I got, I would know they were from the devices, not the cleanser. The cleanser I used was Glossier’s Milky Jelly – a cleanser I am super familiar with – one that I already know how it works on my skin, device or no device. As for other products – I didn’t use any new ones. I used a few facial oils, some serums, & moisturizers/essences, but none of them were ones I hadn’t tried before. Basically, the only new things I was giving a go were the LUNA Mini 2 & the IRIS Eye Massager.

The LUNA is supposed to be used only once at night for one minute. Done. The Iris is supposed to be used twice a day: 15 seconds on each eye in the morning, 15 seconds on each eye in the evening, which adds up to one minute total. Also done.

So, with all that information made clear, let’s proceed to the notes I took after using the devices each evening, & what my impressions were!

first night!

  • Wetting skin, massaging on Milky Jelly, going to town with the LUNA
  • Easy; pauses every 15 seconds so you know when to move to a different area
  • Different speeds etc., this I found a bit confusing so I just stuck to the default speed. The manual seemed straightforwards, but I just couldn’t figure out how to switch speeds
  • The LUNA felt really, really gentle; no complaints on my end about roughness on my face. I don’t feel like I’ll get microabrasions from the “bristles”
  • My face wasn’t red afterward – this is unusual, since even my charcoal sponge gives me a bit of redness. I take this as a good sign
  • IRIS was on a fast setting & it took me about ten minutes to figure out how to slow it down; in the end, though, I found it super soothing & calming. It’s really relaxing IF you have it on the right setting for your own eyes

Second night!

  • Wet skin, used with Milky Jelly
  • Now, I knew a little better how it worked! Because of this, I feel like it was more effective
  • Products used: Glossier Milky Jelly, Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater, Glossier Super Glow Serum, The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10%, Anese Slay Serum, Sunday Riley U.F.O., Saturday Skin Featherweight Cream
  • I applied Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water Stick, followed by Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream, & used IRIS (again was easier to use because i had figured it out better…finally at a lower speed! Nice nice nice
  • So, far so good – no irritation or redness (actually the opposite my skin feels very clean but it’s not red at ALL when i’m done cleansing (usually the case)

Third night!

  • Okay…I really do think this thing (LUNA) is working. My T-zone had quite clogged pores on Day One. They’re is going away very fast – much faster than usual
  • However, it could also be because I amped up my lactic acid from 5 to 10%, so that’s definitely something to consider
  • No irritation, no redness, no micro abrasions, no new breakouts. Yay! Skin looks clear. Also yay!
  • At this point, it’s super easy to use. I will say it takes a minute & a half to figure out what works best for your face (some people might prefer a higher setting, others might prefer a lower one).
  • The device is fully charged; I don’t expect it to run out any time soon. It says it has about 300 uses in it once fully charged; this seems realistic to me. There’s no evidence in it slowing down or being less effective. Even so, it’s super easy to charge it (comes with a charging cord)
  • I would say it takes about two days to get the hang of these things. Once you do, it’s super soothing (both LUNA & IRIS). I was super tired tonight & this felt like an amazing facial massage
  • Goodnight!!!

Fourth night!

  • I did a Sunday Night Detox (as per usual). Used Drunk Elephant Babyfacial, rinsed it off, then went on with my other usual products
  • Everything went really smoothly
  • I can definitely see the LUNA making a difference in clearing up clogged pores
  • The IRIS is making my eye area more defined; I don’t know exactly how to describe it but it keeps my eyes from being puffy which makes my cheekbones look nicer…does that make sense?? Anyone? Bueller??
  • Anyway… it looks & feels really good

Fifth night!

  • When I woke up this morning I had a few breakouts, but that happens sometimes after doing the Babyfacial (detoxing remember)
  • I tried a higher setting to remove my cleanser; felt really nice – like a more intense massage
  • Thanks to the IRIS, my eyes truly look amazing. bright, wide awake – never puffy, but i haven’t lost my dark circles. i’m actually glad about that
  • Just a side note that my dark circles might be from my anemic tendencies & not from genetics or lack of sleep

Sixth night!

  • Surgery tomorrow morning
  • Easy easy! Used LUNA in the shower with Milky Jelly. I usually don’t like washing my face in the shower – just feels gross – but I decided to do it because I’m also testing out some hair products that require me to “hang out & wait” in the shower for a little longer so I might as well. Didn’t feel gross! I actually felt really good & felt like I was taking advantage of the time on my hands
  • My skin was feeling a bit dry – because of this, I decided to hold off on The Oridnary’s lactic acid, but used all the same products otherwise. Results?
  • FRESH AND SOOOO GLOWY the next morning!!!!!! Despite my lack of sleep & anxiety over the procedure of the day!
  • I did wake up with one small red spot under my nose from irritation/dryness (?) i used the glossier moon mask in the morning & it went away
  • IRIS feels & looks amazing – last night of the initial test tomorrow!! I have a good feeling…

Seventh Night!

  • Well…night after my surgery day
  • Unsurprisingly was feeling a bit rough…plus, super dry, because of dehydration (thx, “no fluids after 10 pm”)
  • Because of feeling so dry, I went super gentle on my night routine, using only moisturizing products
  • Despite all the stress/sleeplessness i’d been through the past 7 days due to surgery prep etc. my skin looks clear, glowy, & my eyes (amazingly) are not puffy or red
  • Wow, just wow

So, these notes might seem a bit scatter-brained – that’s because they are! It was a quick documentation of my experience after using the devices every night. Overall? I really, really like the two devices. I especially like the LUNA Mini 2. I think if you were to buy one of the two, I’d go with the LUNA. The IRIS is amazing, don’t get me wrong – but if you’re around 20 years old like me, you might not necessarily need an eye massager that claims to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, & puffiness. Like I said – don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing! – but the LUNA is probably going to get more use. The LUNA is amazing to travel with, super versatile (can be used in or out of the shower) & I really like the different settings – you can decide how intense you want your cleansing experience to be. I would say that it’s kind of confusing to figure out how to change the speed settings on both devices, but once you do, it’s heaven – because you’re able to customize your facial cleanse, & find a setting that works effectively & steadily, no matter what.

My face looks clearer & brighter, like I said. I had a lot of stress & lack of sleep the past 7 days, but I still look alert, glowy, & able to function – what a miracle!

I say miracle because it’s really, really hard for me to go places without being told that I 1) look tired or 2) that I look sick. The answer to both of these questions is that yes, I am tired; yes, I am sick. That prompts further questions that I either don’t want to answer or don’t have the energy to respond to! So…it’s great to feel like I can use two plastic devices on my face to make me not look like The Walking Dead.

Final verdict: FOREO! I love you! i especially love your LUNA. Younger people: if you’re considering a FOREO device, I’d go with the LUNA. It’s easy, it’s travel-friendly, & it will improve your skin. I have had absolutely no micro-abrasions since I started using the LUNA, which is amazing! It takes a very special product to avoid that calamity. For older people: consider both, perhaps, & know that the IRIS will improve the area around your eyes! It’s a great device, & I truly love both of them. Howevevr, if I were a paying customer & could only afford one, I’d go with the LUNA. I know I’ll travel with it, get more use out of it – it’s basically my baby at this point.

So: FOREO, thank you for sending me these products to test! I’m glad I got the experience to do so. & readers: I hope this helped settle your minds on FOREO’s products, if you were considering buying one. Remember that if the LUNA is still too expensive for you, there’s a mini (non-rechargeable) LUNA sold for $40 at most Sephoras/Ultas & on FOREO’s website…so if you’re still doubting the power of LUNA, you can give the mini a go. Don’t worry, I get it – $139 is a lot to spend on a device. In my opnion, this will last a long, long time (& I’ll let you guys know if it doesn’t!), so while I’m glad that I did, yes, recieve these for free, after trying them out, I do believe that they’re worth the money – especially the LUNA.

I hope you guys liked this review, I hope you found it honest & forthcoming (that was the goal!) & I’d love to hear your thoughts on any FOREO device you may have purchased. Let me know in the comments below!

Five days into using my FOREO products. no makeup, just sweat (as a highlight)

Sof ❤

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