OOTD: Outfit(s) On My Birthday 

Hello hello! It’s me, your favorite! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I did with my hair/makeup/l & what clothes/accessories  I was wearing in this Instagram & this Instagram – both outfits for my 20th birthday! Here’s some information about the things I was wearing, on my face, head, body, & ears!

Outfit #1 (before I changed my mind)





Outfit #2


  • Dress: Free People (bday gift from my friend!) – I searched for it high & low on the website but could not find it, I’m sorry!
  • Bodysuit (underneath the dress): Urban Outfitters from last year
  • Shoes: ???? (my mother’s shoes)
  • Scrunchie: Free People (bday gift from my friend!)
  • All accessories otherwise stayed the same (jewelry, etc.)

That’s all!!! Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how I keep my hair slick! & enjoy this video, wearing Urban Outfitters, Sunglass Museum, & Cosabella. Just a little (slippery) fun. 🍷📸


Sof ❤

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