Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake! Glossier’s Newest….

Even if you’re not a “Glossier stan,” chances are you’ve heard of three products: Boy Brow, Milky Jelly Cleanser, & Balm Dotcom. These show up on Facebook ads, pop up on YouTube…you can even see the effects of Boy Brow on huge billboards in various cities across the U.S. Glossier is inescapable…particularly these three products.

Well, Glossier pulled a Beyoncé on its fans on June 7th, when a “mystery” Balm Dotcom flavor suddenly showed up in the flavor/scent selections on the best-selling lip balm’s page.

Glossier didn’t give much else information other than this “?*****?” & one image….

The image that came along with Glossier’s mystery flavor/scent/packaging? Balm Dotcom
Of course, it looked like funfetti cake; birthday cake, to be more specific! Soon, Glossier reps across the country were opening their mystery packages containing #glossierpink bubble pouches….& a special product.

We were right! “Birthday Balm Dotcom…flavor inspired by Milk Bar’s famous birthday cake.” Milk Bar, part of the Momofuku Group, a series of restaurants started by chef David Chang. The lady behind Milk Bar is baker Christina Tosi, now a celebrity chef thanks to her ground-breaking innovations: the Compost Cookie, Crack PieⓇ(yup, it’s THAT famous), &…the oh-so-famous Milk Bar Birthday Cake. It’s hard to describe how this cake looks, but the website says it’s “everyone’s favorite childhood cake, reimagined milk bar style! vanilla rainbow cake layered with rainbow cake crumbs, topped with vanilla frosting!” As someone with a very, very sweet tooth, this sounds endlessly tempting…especially after looking at photographs…& especially after seeing someone as beautiful as supermodel Karlie Kloss (who, coincidentally, is a Glossier Girl and collaborated with Milk Bar to create “Karlie’s Kookies” for charity) creating one with Christina Tosi


Looks amazing (so does she).

Milk Bar now has locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington, D.C., &, most recently, Las Vegas. Sadly, I don’t live anywhere near enough these locations to actually try the Birthday Cake (although they do ship!) So…figuring out that Glossier was collabing with Milk Bar to create a Birthday Cake Balm Dotcom….in my birthday month???? Needless to say, I was extremely…extremely excited. It felt like Glossier had created something in honor of my birthday (& I will continue to believe that they did).

The packaging? Tan, pink, &….holographic. Holographic is everyone (& their mother’s) favorite trend at the moment, so it isn’t the biggest of shocks that this balm is packaged as such. However – Glossier is usually quite minimalistic with their packaging…so to see a holographic package come out of the pink pouch was a bit of a surprise. It was nice to see Glossier’s inner unicorn emerge.

Includes a birthday cake card


Some frosting-licking antics on the other side of the packaging
The card included with the birthday cake balm says: “Surprise! It’s our newest Balm Dotcom – Birthday. We teamed up with award-winning bakery Milk Bar to turn their famous Birthday Cake into a balm (but instead of sprinkles it has subtle holographic shimmer). We can’t wait to see what you whip up. Enjoy!🙂👋🏻”

That’s all we got. But that’s all we needed. Inside the Glossier pink bubble-wrap pouch, there was:

  • The card, introducing Birthday Balm Dotcom
  • An…amazing…sticker (that is now residing comfortably on my phone)
  • The Birthday Balm Dotcom itself!

As you might guess, the package itself is a treat to open. The outside of the balm’s box is gorgeous…

….& the tube inside the box is just as beautiful.

Holographs galore!!!! In an otherwise traditional Balm Dotcom packaging (same product amount, same dispense method).
The balm itself smells very similar to the Coconut Balm Dotcom (just a bit more “vanilla”), so if you’re worried about it being too sweet – don’t fear. Like most things Glossier, it’s “just right.” The texture is also the same as the other balms! No grittiness (despite the shimmer) & it applies smoothly on the lips…& face. Yes. I will absolutely be using this as a face highlight. In fact, I almost put it on my cheekbones & browbones before I put it on my lips! RMS Living Luminizer who???? This is a $12 cream highlight. & it is amazing.

Some amazing, amazing shimmer. Eyes, face, lips…this is going everywhere.
Like I said – no grittiness, & yes…the color of the shimmer changes as the sunlight shifts. As it should.

Glossier, you did it again. I’m not sure why you dropped the balm on your site for three hours – then mysteriously took it down – but it’s okay. Life is full of mysteries. & I have an amazing new summer product that’s going to go all over my face (maybe my body, too) & now that it’s on your site for real – I’ll be purchasing about 10 backups in case you decide to be mysterious again, & leave us empty-handed forever. (No word yet as to whether this will be permanent👀)

So…happy birthday to me, from Glossier! They truly made my upcoming 20th a happy one…thanks to a new, very special edition of the balm that was one of my first Glossier purchases. Go get it before it mysteriously slips away again…right here.

A look at the box, the balm, & the (amazing!!!!) sticker that is now on my phone.

Sof ❤

P.S. I infinitely love all of you who shop Glossier with me! It makes me able to review more product, &, as a chronically ill young woman passionate about this industry…have a job in it! Without worrying about being sick. This is my summer job…& fall, & winter! & I couldn’t be happier about it. Please always let me know if you’re going to shop Glossier with me so I can send you a proper thank you. So much love for all of you!!!

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