$75 Eye Cream: Worth The Hype?

If you’re a skin care junkie, you know that there’s a lot of expensive products out there. Very expensive products. You also probably know that not all of them are worth the money. Just a few weeks ago, Jackie Aina (a well-known beauty YouTuber) made a video about expensive products she regretted buying – including the $60 lip balm by La Mer. Her conclusion? The cheap Jack Black lip balms she buys in the Sephora checkout line are much better.

My point is…expensive skin care isn’t necessarily “all that.” I’ve experienced product regret myself! In the future, I’m thinking about making a post about products I regret spending a good bit of money on.

I always am 100% honest with all of you about what I like & what I don’t like…even if I’m making money off a product, or if it was sent to me as PR. I think that there’s a lot of expensive products out there that are absolutely worth the hype! But…there are just as many that are not.

This review is about an eye cream/balm that was sent to me recently by Ojos Skincare. “Ojos” means “eyes” in Spanish – appropriate, because Ojos Skincare only sells products for the eye area! They’re a completely natural, organic, cruelty-free, & vegan brand. Their philosophy? “Our skin should be nourished with nothing but the finest organic plant-based ingredients the earth has to offer.” Their products are hand-mixed, & poured in small batches to ensure good quality. They say: “We like to think of our products as modern-day witch-craft.”

Okay! All that sounds really cool. &, of course, as a lot of you know, most cruelty-free/vegan/organic brands, (ex. Drunk Elephant, Herbivore Botanicals) will be more expensive. That’s because it’s more expensive to get naturally-sourced ingredients, takes more work to make product in small batches, & avoiding animal testing takes extra work – even in 2017. So…yes! Most cruelty free skin care will be at least slightly (if not a lot more) expensive. That’s some justification for higher priced brands that are vegan, cruelty free, &/or organic.

Now for the product review!

Outside packaging of the Ojos Complete Eye Nourish Balm. Notice the “eye” on the front of the box!
First impression upon opening the box. Instructions come on the top inside of the box. I particularly like the “crafted with love by witches” statement.

The Complete Eye Nourish Balm, as the product is officially called, claims to de-puff, moisturize, firm, heal, & protect. It also claims to have powerful anti-aging qualities. Ojos’ website says “the balm soothes and relaxes the delicate eye area while promoting new cell growth and health.” Some of its key ingredients are frankincense, rosehip seed, rosemary, & papaya seed oils. These are all rejuvenating, plumping, & promote new cell growth.

The balm’s jar, out of its packaging!

Ojos also claims that eye “balms” are much better than creams, as creams contain water – while balms do not. This makes the product more highly concentrated, & therefore more effective. This all sounded pretty great to me! So, I gave it a go. Ojos recommends to gently circle your ring finger into the balm (after cleansing your skin, of course) & then lightly tap around your eyes. It’s supposed to be applied generously at night, & lightly in the morning. If you use it in the morning, they recommend applying it at least 30 minutes before wearing makeup – which makes sense, as an oil-based balm could make makeup (especially eye makeup) slide around.

What the balm actually looks like. Although it looks like vaseline, it has a much harder consistency. As you continue to swirl your finger, the heat will melt the balm slightly, making it easier to to pick up.

The balm has a pleasant, herbal scent – gentle, not overpowering, & it gracefully fades away as the balm sinks into the eye area. It was difficult for me to initially pick up any product, as the balm does have a very hard consistency – looking at it, you’d think it would have a softer, “gooey” texture, like Vaseline. However, as I continued to swirl my finger around, my body heat naturally melted the product, making it easier to pick up.

I have dark circles, & have no insecurities or problems with them – I actually like how they give my face a bit of a natural contour! However, I also have puffy eyes when I wake up in the morning. This was what I was most curious about – would this eye balm work as well as my now holy grail, the Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream?

I first applied it at night, using my same skin routine otherwise – I just skipped the Saturday Skin eye cream. The balm didn’t feel greasy at all, which was a nice surprise! I had expected it to feel oily. Definitely not the case. I went to bed at my usual (late) hour, awaiting the results in the morning.

When I woke up, my eyes weren’t as puffy as if I’d used no cream – but it did take a little extra of my Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick (contains caffeine, great morning product!) to feel “normal.” I decided to give it a few more goes at night, & then a few in the morning.

Final verdict: I really like this balm, but I prefer my Saturday Skin one for night time! In the day, however, if I apply my Milk Cooling Water first, then layer this balm over top before I wear makeup, it provides extra definition to my eye area – even making my cheekbones prominent. As I’m a young adult, I can’t speak for the anti-aging, but I do think it made my dark circles slightly less prominent. I can certainly say that it works wonderfully for me in the day time, & works “pretty okay!” in the evening.

So – if you’re looking for an all-natural, cruelty free, organic, vegan eye product, this might be the one for you! For night-time, I think I’ll stick to my Saturday Skin cream – but catch me using this every morning with my Milk Cooling Water as an amazing, depuffing eye primer (especially if I’m going without eye makeup…something I’m doing more & more these days, especially in summer).

I think Ojos has a great message, beautiful packaging, & I love their philosophy! I’d say it’s worth a try for those of you who are committed to purchasing 100% cruelty-free, vegan skin care!

If you want to give Ojos a try – but the price tag is scaring you – I have a code (not an affiliate code! I get zero commission from this) to share with you: enter SOFHONEY at checkout for 15% off!


Sof ❤

If you’re also curious about the Saturday Skin Eye Cream, here’s $10 off $50 at Peach & Lily (affiliate!)

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