Creative Lass Esthetic: Love, Support, &, Yes…Amazing Beauty Products

Okay. I was minding my own business, flicking through Instagram stories as one does, when I saw @ceciliagorgon, Glossier Girl (& skin inspiration) post a picture of a….lip powder?

I was intrigued. The brand was tagged as @clecosmetics, so I went to check out their account. Calming images of fashion, art, as well as photographs of their own cosmetics were spread across their feed. A mood board, as well as a skincare & beauty brand, it seemed.

The next day, I was at Ulta picking up a few things, & noticed the CLĒ Cosmetics Melting Cleanser on the K-Beauty shelf. It’s not often that I see non-foaming cleansers, so I picked it up to give it a go. For those of you who aren’t able to get Glossier (or even those of you who are)…this is a great option. Soothing, cleansing, sinks right into your skin & leaves you fresh & glowing.

My first experience with CLĒ – their Melting Cleanser
A description of the product’s effect on the back of the bottle (along with rose-gold lettering)

I reached out to CLĒ to tell them how much I enjoyed their cleanser, to see that they were already following me! What came after was some of the sweetest, most kind customer service (& lovely commentary on many of my Instagram photos) that I have ever experienced. They sent me a package with their CCC Cream & one of their lip powders!

CLĒ CCC Cream, along with their Melting Lip Powder in Milk Choco

Each CLĒ purchase from their website ( includes a booklet, describing what the brand is all about, as well as some samples. What was my sample? The Oxygen Foam Cleanser.

I was extremely skeptical of the foam cleanser. As you all know, I have extraordinarily dry skin, & most foaming cleansers do NOT work well on my skin – they just strip me dry, leaving me feeling tight, painful, & more at risk for micro abrasions. On the back of the sample, the cleanser was described as “a new innovative concept of professional makeup remover and skincare cleanser all-in-one.” A self-bubbling cleanser, an all-in-one cleansing – & a deep-cleansing oxygen mask, something that’s become increasingly popular in Korea. I decided to give it a go, as it was described as a gentle product.

The Oxygen Foam Cleanser comes out of the bottle as a liquid – kind of like the Milky Jelly Cleanser. As you massage it into your face, it starts foaming up. Then, you just sit back & wait for it to take effect.

&…I loved it. I loved the way I would massage the cleanser into my skin, wait 30 seconds, watching it bubble up on my face (admittedly a lot of fun), rinse with warm water, & feel fresh, glowing – but never, ever tight. I included this in my May favorites post – it’s truly that good. 

I reached out to the brand to ask them why this cleanser was so good for my skin – & dry skin in general, as most foaming cleansers aren’t recommended for my skin type. I heard back directly from creative director & co-founder (!!!) Lauren Jin. Here’s what she had to say: “This cleanser minimizes irritation because the micro self-generation oxygen bubbles gently remove deep seated dirt & makeup residue. You do not have to use fingers & cleansing tools that may cause irritation. Also, the cleanser leaves skin soft & supple due to the oxygen bubbles giving oxygen to clogged pores (usually covered from sunblock &/or makeup), because skin also needs to breathe.”

Thorough, makes sense, & further proves how amazing this cleanser is.

So – before I talk about more of CLĒ’s truly amazing products…what’s the brand all about? If you purchase from them, you’ll recieve a booklet that explains the philosophy behind the brand.

CLĒ – Creative Lass Esthetic 

Pronounced “clay” not “clee” (yes, I messed it up too at first!) CLĒ stands for Creative Lass Esthetic. Their brand is: “minimally designed beauty products using the latest Korean technologies to suit the modern woman for an effortless lifestyle. CLE is an esthetic. An embodiment of the minimalist woman. A moment within daily rituals, where the sensation of touch is practiced. Femininity in the most subtlest form. The purest action of beauty; of self care. CLE is for someone who etches away the unnecessary, and finds admiration within the raw core of what is left.” 

Sounds good! According to the booklet, the “lass” that this brand is intended for “cannot be described or named easily. You don’t know what it is but there’s an intriguing quality in how CLĒ brings out your own unique beauty. And that’s what makes you who you are, so effortless and natural.”

Again…amazing! As you all know, I love the concept of “no makeup makeup.” This is what CLĒ is…along with two incredibly effective cleansers suitable for all skin types.

Next up? Their face makeup. I’m a sucker for CC Creams…& CLĒ’s take on it, the CCC Cream (“CLĒ CC Cream”) is one I’m 100% on board with. Like most CC creams, it comes out of the tube white, but adjusts to your skin tone. I wear the lightest shade “Light,” but it comes in 5 shades. It has a lightweight feel (again…no makeup makeup!) light to medium coverage, &, best of all…has SPF 45+. As you might know, I’m forever seeking out products with SPF in them. I’m extremely sun-sensitive…so to have a CC Cream with this much sun protection, as well as a lightweight feel, no stickiness, & no sunscreen scent is truly incredible. On days when I feel like a “full face” (my idea of a full face is a CC Cream) I use the CCC Cream all over my face. I also like to use it in combination with my Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Cream…I dot the CCC Cream on the inside areas of my face, blending it out with the Dr. Jart Cream. A combo made in heaven.

CLE’s CCC Cream, glowing in the sun.
What the CCC Cream looks like all over the face (along with the Melting Lip Powder in Milk Choco)

Like most beauty brands originating in Korea, CLĒ is super focused on sun protection. Which is important for everyone, obviously…& especially important to me. I am forever on the hunt for products that will further protect my sun-sensitive face. CLĒ? They have me covered. Their Essence Air Cushion is no exception. This is for someone who’s looking for more sheer coverage (it’s lighter than the CCC Cream)…but the SPF level is 50+!!! I’d never used a cushion foundation before, so it was a bit difficult to navigate at first. However, everything’s packaged extremely hygienically, claims to have long-lasting hydration, a radiant glow, & includes a cushion refill – which is a comfort, if you were surprised at the higher price point. You can purchase a cushion refill separately! 

Outside packaging…
The inside of the cushion, including an applicator, & a shield from the actual product itself. Like I said, super hygienic.
This is the product in all it’s glory! I know…looks too dark for my skin tone. But this is in the lightest shade, & actually is a little paler once it goes on my skin than the CCC Cream! Trust me, it fits my skin tone perfectly (& if you have questions, message CLĒ a selfie on Instagram. They’ll help you come up with the shade that fits you best).

Cushion foundation experience? 10/10. It’s a great way to combine a slightly heavier product (like the CCC Cream) with a sheerer product. Either way, you’ll be glowing, & best of all, protected from the sun.

Onto the most fun product CLĒ has: Melting Lip Powder. It sounds horrifically drying, I know – but I apply a lip balm before, go ham with my powder application, & have absolutely no problems at all. It contains Vitamin E, a hydrating ingredient, so that explains its ability to keep your lips from feeling & looking like the Sahara Desert. Refinery29 even featured it in their “New Lipstick Formula” article

It’s a great compromise between a liquid lipstick (which I am…truly over…) & a regular lipstick. This sinks in more easily, & lasts longer than a lipstick – you can go for hours without re-applying. It fades very gracefully, kind of like a stain – & is smudge & waterproof! When I want to go matte, I pass right over tubes of liquid lipstick & turn to these instead. You can build a high coverage lip, or leave it looking blurry & minimalistic. Either way, it’s an amazing product to have, feels really weird (in a good way) when you apply it, &…yup, can be used on your cheeks as well. I love a product that can be used in multiple ways! & CLĒ nailed it with this one.

Melting Lip Powders – in more subdued shades, as well as more fiery ones!
A close-up on the texture of the product
As you can see by this “swatch” it’s most definitely a powder! But you can also see that some of the powder pieces have already started to sink into my hand. As the powder adjusts to your body heat, it sinks in & becomes a cream/stain-like product. 
Just the other day, wearing a quick swipe of the Melting Lip Powder in “Barbie Pink” (& I don’t even usually like hot pinks!) along with a combination of the Dr. Jart Tiger Grass Cream & the CLĒ CCC Cream. Results? Dewy, natural, with a pop of color. 

Yes, some of these products were sent to me…but I purchased the cleansers (& one lip powder) myself. Why? Because they’re truly effective (especially the Oxygen Foam Cleanser. I will go on for days about it).

So…why am I so nuts about CLĒ? Here’s why…plain & simple.

These days, it’s really hard to find brands that uplift & support you as you support them (by buying their products!) CLĒ does this, & more. Tag them in a photo? You’ll get a sweet comment & some cute emoji. Have questions? You’ll hear back within 48 hours (usually much less) with a kind & helpful answer. Started by a young woman, managed by more young women, this is a brand that is as sweet as it is effective. I have infinite love for CLĒ, how they’ve supported me, & how innovative they’ve been. &, best of all, they’ve convinced me that I can use a foaming cleanser!!!! Who would’ve thought.

Stay tuned for more with me & CLĒ…there’s exciting things coming, & I cannot wait to share them all with you. But for now?

Lola, Lauren, & so many others behind CLĒ: I love you all! Thank you for your hard work, your kindness, & your committment to making people feel loved. That’s what beauty brands should do…& you’ve raised the bar. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sof ❤

Visit CLĒ’s website here, visit their blog here, & check out (& follow!) their Instagram here& like I said…stay tuned 🙂 Also…to my international readers, never fear! CLĒ has international shipping.

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