Day In The Life

A lot of you ask what my days are like, & this was a highly requested thing for me to write about! Honestly, since I’ve been chronically ill, & especially when I’m at home during the summer, I don’t do much. It’s me going for walks, sitting outside, laying on my bed with windows open (no pants) & I love watering my succulents & burning my candles. But that’s during the summer, & for the most part, my summer days go in & out without much happening. I thought I’d be a little more entertaining & write about what my days are like at university! This year, I’m returning as a Bachelor of Musical Arts, rather than a Violin Performance Major, so my classes will be a bit different. Still, I’ll try to put out a pretty good schedule of what my week is like as a chronically ill arts student at university (who still tries to get a bit of fun in when able to).

A peek out the window of my dorm room. Yup – I was still in a dorm this past year! Apartment time this September.
  • Monday, Wednesday Friday: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays are early mornings – by early mornings, I mean classes that start at 8:30 a.m. I know, for those of you still in high school, it doesn’t sound that early – but unfortunately, I can’t just roll out of bed & run to class. I have to get up at least an hour & a half prior, so that I can take my meds, wait for them to kick in, & (gross, I know) if I’m going to be sick (aka, throw up) it’s better for me to do it at my place rather than run out of my lecture hall…been there, done that. Throwing up sucks, but I’d rather do it at my own place. Plus – I can’t just walk to class; I have to take a bus! That adds another 15 minutes at least to my morning. After my morning classes, (depending on the day, I’m done with “mornings” by either 9:30 or 11:30) I’ll start heading back, maybe stop at Starbucks before I go home, & I’ll read, write, do homework, & eat something small.
    My favorite way to kick back after morning class: face mask, Starbucks refresher, & a bagel.

    Then, it’s time for afternoon classes – but for Mon/Wed/Friday, I’ll usually only have one – sometimes none, & just an evening class instead. Since I’m a night owl, I definitely prefer the evening classes, though they can mess up my Fridays if I have weekend plans. Still, if a class gets out at 8:30 pm, no night life truly starts before 10 pm! I try to go to bed early during the week, but like I said, I’m a night owlIt’s pretty hard for me to get to sleep, so when I can’t (which is often), I’ll just do some writing, reading, play the only game on my phone that I have (Tap Tap Fish…) or just listen to podcasts or playlists. At some point, hopefully before 3 am, I drift off!

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: Much better. Classes don’t start for me before 10:30 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays – but I have more work to do in the afternoon. Still, it’s a lot easier for me, since I can sleep in, take my time if I’m feeling ill, & go to class in a more leisurely manner. Afternoon classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, like I said, require more effort & concentration – usually it’ll be something like art history or an English/writing class, which means a lot of note-taking & preparation (if you don’t do the readings before? Busted). Still, I really am a writing & literature junkie, so I don’t mind all that much when I have a few articles or some textbook chapters to read. The beauty of university is that (for the most part) you can pick what you enjoy! I try to pick writing classes that I truly will enjoy, so that I can have fun & write about things for which I have passion. I try to go to bed earlier on Tuesdays & Thursdays, since my “early days” are Mon/Wed/Fri. That’s not entirely successful, but I do my best.
  • Saturdays & Sundays: If I “go out” which was rare my past semester as I was pretty sick, it’ll be on a Friday night.
    Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
    A rare weekend escapade

    That way, I have Saturday & Sunday to recharge! If I go out on a Friday, I’ll get back pretty late, & I’ll sleep quite late too. Then, I might go for brunch with people, just lay in bed more (depending on my condition!) or get ahead on a little homework if I’m feeling like it. On Sundays, I again try to sleep late, but still try to fit in a good breakfast! For me, Sundays are about getting nice & clean, finishing up work I have left over, doing a fresh detoxing face mask, & washing my hair. All those things make me feel more ready for the upcoming week.

What do you do for hair/makeup/fashion at university?

As most of you probably know, I’m super low-maintenaince with my hair, particularly after I shaved my head last summer & let it grow back! I wash it a few times a week & use this Biossance 100% Squalane Oil right after I get out of the shower & towel out excess moisture. Then I let it air dry. I like to wash my hair before bed because I’ll wake up with different hair every time…which I actually really like. I used to be super self conscious of my wavy hair & how sometimes there’s just one curl that refuses to lay flat but now I just chill out about it. I like my hair how it is, & really can’t be bothered much with it! No dyeing & I try to keep it as heat-free as possible. I have thick healthy hair & like to keep it that way!

As for makeup, when I have early classes, I usually wear little to nothing (usually nothing, especially if I only have one class before I can go back to my place). I’ll wash my face, of course, & moisturize, etc., but as for actual makeup, I might put on some Glossier boy brow & maybe concealer if I’m having a bad skin day/week & feeling super self-conscious about it (that happens less & less. more on that soon!). For later classes, I’ll put on some highlight, maybe a lipstick. But I’ve been wearing makeup to classes less & less. I don’t really feel the need to – that’s just personal! I’ll always compliment someone on their makeup if I like it, whether it’s a full face at 8:30 am or 11:30 pm! I appreciate the time & effort, trust me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Probably the most makeup I would wear to a class – here, I was wearing Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier perfecting skin tint, Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze, & a YSL Rouge Tint Volupte in No. 40. Get my Glossier at!

I do like to wear a light fragrance if I have the time to put it on (or if I remember). Last year, I had a little rollerball of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but this year I think I’ll be getting a full-size Margiela fragrance for myself for my birthday (!!) & will probably use that as a nice day fragrance. A fragrance brings some glamor into whatever you’re wearing on your body or face!

For fashion: black jeans are my go-to. I’m practically the Harry Styles of my campus. You’ll never see me in anything but black jeans – even if it’s 80 degrees outside (but I live in the Midwest, so that’s usually only the first two weeks of the school year). It may sound stupid, but I think black jeans & a T-shirt really do make an outfit. I have two pairs of the Topshop Leigh Moto jeans (in black) & those are the only jeans I have! I like to wear a chain or some other kind of necklace, & earrings if I have the time! But for daily wear, it’s usually black jeans, some kind of T-shirt (I like band tees, plain white/gray/black ones, especially if they’re layered with a pretty bralette!) & I put a little more effort into my shoes. I have some pretty floral Dr. Marten boots; they’re super worn down by now as I’ve had them since age 15, but Dr. Martens last forever, & I think the grungier they look, the cooler they get. I also have a few pairs of chelsea boots, a pair of Stan Smiths…& the most extra pair of heeled black boots you will ever see. Needless to say…I don’t wear those to my 8:30 a.m. classes – I’m usually half-asleep anyway, & I don’t need to fall when getting on or off the bus because my heels are too high. It’s university, & comfort is key! Especially when you’re chasing your bus, or trying to sneak in unnoticed to a lecture five minutes late. Quiet, comfy shoes & all-black is your perfect camo. On weekends, if I’m going out, I’m a bodysuit fan – a big one. I like how easy they are, how they fit in all the right places (as long as you choose the right one for you) & how easy it is for me to throw on black jeans & high heeled boots & make it a look. Only problem? Hard to pee when you have a bodysuit. But fashion over comfort on the weekends.

A pretty good idea of what I look like on a daily basis while at school! Black jeans from Topshop, watermelon shirt from Urban, chelsea boots from Jeffrey Campbell. (I love the watermelon shirt, & it’s a great transition into summer weather. 10/10)


I’m currently trying to make pajama shirts a “thing.” Isn’t there something glamorous about wearing a striped long-sleeve pajama shirt with a pair of jeans & boots, maybe a few gold necklaces? Maybe it’s just me. But I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect striped pajama set. Feel free to let me know if you have a holy grail set!

At university, it’s all about me staying as comfortable & rested as possible, so that I can do my work & go to class without feeling too ill. I didn’t mention this, but depending on my various blood test results (I usually get bloodwork done every 3-4 weeks) I will have iron infusions once a week for a while. That’s super inconvienient. & painful. &, since I’m allergic to liquid iron, I have to be injected with Benadryl. Also painful, & it makes me sleepy…so I always schedule those on Friday afternoons, so I don’t have to worry about running to class afterwards. While that’s good for my grades, it messes up any fun I might try to have for the weekend. Iron infusions are painful – they burn your veins, make your bones ache, & the added boost of Benadryl just makes me grumpy & sleepy.

That sucks!! But I always try to turn those infusions into something positive. I have a favorite nurse, who’s great at doing my IVs! We’ll always laugh & joke while she pokes me. The hospital is one place that I actually will do a full face of makeup for! It makes me feel powerful & glamorous to be in a hospital bed with a red lip & a blinding highlight. Even thoug I’m asleep half the time, at least I get a couple good photos out of it – just to prove how much of a badass I really am.

Even in pre-op…I refuse to go without accessories. I insisted they let me keep on my hot-pink beanie during surgery. It took some work, but they agreed.
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
One of my favorite outfits ever…EVER! On an exam table at the University of Chicago’s Hospital. That was a bit of a field trip.
Repping Tommy Hilfiger (& my Glossier tote) at an iron infusion, before I got tired & grumpy.
Probably my favorite photograph of all time. Intestines can be aesthetic, too, as long as your lip color matches them.

University has been a challenge for me, because I’m ill! Chronically ill. It’s hard to explain to those who aren’t sick, but think of it as going to class even when you have the flu. Except you have the flu every single day. It’s not been easy – but I’m very committed to school , & in general a pretty determined person. I don’t give up, even when I’m held back in some manner. Take my change of degree, for example! I didn’t want to do that…I wanted to be a violinist! But it physically was no longer possible for me to do that. I could’ve taken a year off, or just given up, but I decided to keep at it. I did a lot of thinking, & writing, & I know the next two years will be difficult, too – but I still am creatively inspired, I still enjoy going to class, & I’m still standing! Like I tell my family: “If I can get out of bed, I’m staying in school.” & I mean it. I might have to take some sick days, but you can catch me at school this September. I promise.

More to come! Let me know what other “personal” posts you’d like to see – if any! Comment below! I love you all.

  • My holy grail Topshop jeans! Two years of wear & no ripped knees, & hardly any fading. Worth it!
  • A lot of the products I mentioned wearing are Glossier – especially Boy Brow, which goes on my face pretty much every day, even if I’m wearing nothing else. I love clear for the summer, but brown is “my” shade if you need some perspective! You can see all my favorite Glossier picks (including Boy Brow) & mini reviews of them here!


Sof ❤

P.S. I realized looking through this that it became a look book of sorts! If you all like seeing what I normally wear let me know if you’d like exclusively “outfit posts” in the future! 

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