My IG Lives: Do I “Love Attention?”

Here’s my second diary entry!!

I hope all of you are doing well this week. This is my last week as a teenager! I will be 20 on the 13th. That’s a bit overwhelming! I’ve been a legal adult for about two years now, but turning 20 is definitely the end of an era. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it! My teenage years weren’t my best, but I always wonder if I’ll look back & say they were wonderful. I mean…my high school years will never be thought of nostalgically. But my two years as a university student will, I think, be looked back upon wistfully, despite my rough first year, trying to navigate both an independent life & the foreign, painful experience of existing as a chronically ill person.

But I’ll get into that some other time! I wanted to talk about how I interact with all of you on my social medias! (& if you don’t follow me on some of them, I have links in the side bar to all of them <3)

I really like talking with people on the Internet. I think everyone does, to some capacity! But I truly do have a blast interacting with so many of you, whether it’s thru anonymous messages or private messages or (for some of you amazing people!) through text! I’ve made so many wonderful connections through my social medias, & I hope I’ve helped some of you, too. I am inspired by so many of the people I follow & so many of the people that message me, telling me about their personal struggles & how they’re trying to overcome them. I’m proud & happy for all of you, & when you’re going through something tough, I try to be there as a sort of a void you can scream into (especially on my Tumblr)

One thing I particularly like doing ever since the feature was rolled out is doing Instagram lives! I especially like doing them in the evening, when I’m doing my skin care. I love to share tips & tricks with all of you, & talk with you about so many things – not just skin care! As of late, there’s a bunch of other girls & young women who join my lives very often. Many of them have chronic illnesses, or are going through the process of being diagnosed with one. When I do my lives, I can simultaneously do self-care (in the form of taking care of my skin) while sharing inside jokes about chronic illness, griping about such & such, & sharing my “safe foods” (foods that I can eat no matter how ill or nauseous I’m feeling) & even making new friends that way!

So, to respond to the title of this article: am I doing these IG lives for attention? Am I asking for you to send me anonymous asks for the attention? Definitely not! I’ve found that doing my Instagram lives has created a mini community in which I definitely feel safe (& many of “my girls” have said the same thing) & I like getting anonymous asks on Tumblr because I think it’s a great way for you to come to me if you have something troubling on your mind but are too embarrassed/scared/shy to talk about it off anon.

Basically – I really do love interacting with every single one of you! I have such lovely times! As you may already know, some days it’s hard for me to leave the house because of how I feel. Your presence in my life – whether it’s commenting on a post I make, asking for help, or joining my evening skincare live streams – is a huge comfort for me! It often distracts me from thinking about things that consume me & make me a more negative, sad person! It’s a great way for me to try to help other people going through a diagnosis or a new medication; I really like feeling like I’m helping some of you (at least a few, I hope!).

Attention? Well, yes! But because for the most part, my social medias have been filled with love, positivity, & people coming together to bond on certain issues that society is afraid to talk about. I love that!!!! & I love all of you, too.


Sof ❤

What kind of diary post would you like to see next? Comment below (or send me a message through Tumblr, IG, or Twitter) if you’re curious about different parts of my personal life, or want to know my opinion on certain topics. I love getting feedback from all of you! 

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