The Indie Jewelry Sisters Who Are Taking Over the World (& My Heart)

She has the most famous collarbones, ears, & neck on the Internet, & her name is Sophia Ventrone.

Sophia & her sister, Daniella, created their online jewelry (& soon, clothing) shop “one September morning of 2014 in Manhattan, sitting in our suite in the Waldorf Astoria during Fashion Week” (x)

Their goal? Affordable, beautiful,  jewelry – velvet & chain chokers, earrings, anklets & a few fine jewelry pieces – associated with an Instagram that alternates between featuring photographs of its jewelry, photographs of the founders or customers wearing their jewelry, & “mood board” photos that complete Ventrone Chronicles’ aesthetic (they even have a “mood board” page on their actual site).

@ventronechronicles on Instagram – a pleasing combination of runway photos, VC jewelry, & other “inspiration” images.
Their popularity skyrocketed – Refinery29 wrote a piece featuring some of their jewelry, calling them “barely there necklaces everyone is wearing” celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski & even the tiny North West (yes, Kim’s baby) started stepping out in their #ventronechronicles.

The most famous neck on & collarbones on the Internet: Sophia Ventrone, wearing her own Roman Gold Link Choker.
But…what’s so special about Ventrone Chronicles? Because it seems like everyone & their mother is stepping out to create an indie jewelry line these days. I’ll see at least 10 new ones a day on my Instagram discover page.

Well, for me, it was several things. Firstly, I loved the concept of two sisters creating something together, something they had passion & love for. These two girls think the world of each other, & it’s easy to see.

@sophiaventrone_ : this is me looking at my fucking everything…@daniellaventrone, you are my everything. my heart, my role model, my inspiration, & best friend. I know not one person kinder than you. I know not one person who could possibly love more than you do. I am overwhelmed right now with you as a human being and how lucky I am to have you in my life. We are partners in something bigger than ourselves…I don’t know what I would do without you and who has ever given me more than you have. You are my whole god damn life. I love you so much…words cannot ever describe how special you are. I am happy everyday I am alive to know I am never alone with you here…I love you. So much. I owe it all to you. Always.
Family love, family support, two wonderful girls always lifting one another up.

Secondly, after buying one of their pieces (the Cleo Gold Link Choker) I quickly noticed that it wasn’t turning my neck green…even though it was affordable! I recieved a lot of compliments, & while happy about them, I still waited in trepidation for my chain’s finish to fade – or for my neck to turn green.

Neither happend. The Cleo lives happily in my jewelry box, & even more happily on my neck. I soon purchased the Deux Gold Hoop Earrings, the Baby Rivoli Medallion Choker, & recieved the Baby Cable Gold Chain for Christmas last year. My neck & ears remain free of any green color, & I continue to get compliments on the simple sophistication of my accessories.

Me! In the Baby Cable Gold Chain, the Cleo Gold Link Choker, & the Deux Gold Hoop Earrings. (They were kind enough to feature me! On @ventronechronicles! 🌟)
I went for a bit of an alternative look this spring, bleaching my eyebrows. It lasted all of three weeks before my eyelids had a bad reaction to the bleach (boooo) but I loved the golden look it gave me, & accessorized with a lot of gold jewelry – mostly Ventrone Chronicles. I wish my golden brows were still here.
Each piece of jewelry you order from Ventrone Chronicles comes in a little leather bag (stamped with the shop’s name) truly making it feel like fine jewelry – even better, an included letter signed by the founders. It makes each purchase special, individual, & personal.

My own Cleo Gold Link Choker – next to its card that says “Thank you, angel!”
Here’s a peek at my slowly growing collection of Ventrone Chronicles:

The Cleo Gold Link Choker & the Baby Cable Gold Chain – my two favorites to wear together!
The Deux Gold Hoop Earrings & the Baby Rivolli Medallion Choker
A lovely plush rose velvet Ventrone Chronicles choker, (gives Venetian vibes!) & the beautiful mess of my own jewelry box
A whole spread of my collection, shining in the sun
So, you might ask if I’m being sponsored to write this. Absolutely not! I first came across Ventrone Chronicles via Tumblr, when I saw Sophia’s famous neck, ears, & collarbones. I immediately loved the look of everything I saw, so I quickly did my research & found the website.

First of all – it’s lovely jewelry that looks extremely high end, but it’s affordable! It doesn’t wear down, doesn’t turn green (just make sure you take your babies off in the shower!) & gives a simple yet oh-so-sophisticated look.

I wasn’t a huge jewelry fan before this, I have to admit! I had a Tiffany necklace & earrings from my parents as a graduation gift, & a pair of diamond earrings that I was given when I was born (don’t worry, I waited to pierce my ears until I was 15). I didn’t wear them much; I’m not sure why. But now, I’ve been wearing my Ventrone pieces as well as my older jewelry gifts so much more. The simple, elegant vibe that Ventrone Chronicles gives off is interesting, a little bit…mysterious…& aesthetically pleasing without being overdone.

One of the reasons I love Ventrone Chronicles the most? The girls behind it. Both girls preach self love, body positivity, & provide words of wisdom both on their personal accounts & on their @ventronechronicles page. Sophia is a great inspiration for me! Her style, the way she marches to the beat of her own drum, the way she spreads love, appreciation, & happiness to all her followers – while still admitting that she’s a human, & has bad days, like everyone else – makes the “company” feel a lot more personal. It feels like every customer is loved & appreciated. That’s a beautiful thing! & not something you see very often with bigger companies, especially ones backed up by corporations.

Sophia’s unapologetic, unfiltered body positivity & self-love & appreciation have inspired me to accept my body as it changes with time, with medications – with whatever!
Sophia’s love of sunlight & beautiful dresses – clearly evident on her page!
So – how did I go from seeing a pretty necklace on an anonymous neck to loving Ventrone Chronicles & everything the brand speaks for?

Familial love. Body positivity. Vulnurability. The concept that simple is beautiful. Being unapologetically yourself – even when you’re not the person the Internet believes you to be.

Best of all, even though Ventrone Chronicles has grown exponentially in the past year, every package still remains personal. They regularly hold sales just in appreciation of their customers! They have free national shipping, & – so unusual for indie brands started in the U.S. – worldwide shipping! They include a signed card with every piece of jewelry you recieve. Though Ventrone Chronicles is big, the girls behind it are still the same. & that is something that I will always appreciate & support.

So, the next time you need to accessorize last minute, don’t worry – Ventrone has your back, & so do the girls behind it. I’ll keep collecting their pieces – & if it is the last thing I do, I will get their Solid Gold Custom Name Plate – & their Genuine Diamond Hoop Earrings (or even better, ask my dad to get them for me).

& stay tuned! Ventrone Chronicles is just getting started. Clothing is coming, as their website says, “veerrrryyyyy soon.”

Keep doing it, sisters! You’re doing it right, & so many people appreciate your art.


Sof ❤

Follow Sophia here, & sister Daniella here! (for major style inspo, body positivity, & sisterly love) &, of course, follow @ventronechronicles.


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