The Scoop on Scoops

Long before I was “into” skin care, I was still washing & moisturizing my face daily (my mother taught me well; that, & “DON’T TOUCH YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!”). However, I didn’t think much of dipping my fingers into a container of moisturizer. That’s just how it’s done…right?

Well, it is the easiest, most convienient method–that’s true. However, if you’re putting your hands into a container of product that you’ll be putting on your skin, you could be contaminating the product–even if your hands are clean!

I became super aware of being extremely hygienic with my products after I got a staph infection on my face last December. For the longest time, I thought I was just breaking out really badly–until I visited the dermatologist & was told to stop putting spot treatments on those red areas; doing so was just spreading more bacteria around my face, making it easier for the infection to spread.

Thankfully, I got a prescription-strength topical antibiotic ointment, was told to apply twice daily for 10-14 days, & soon was back to my normal self. However, I still have a few faint scar marks on my face from that infection.

Becuase staph occurs naturally inside our bodies, it’s sometimes impossible to prevent an infection from happening. However–being more hygienic with your skin care products, especially those that go on your face, can be a big help in preventing many bacterial infections from occuring.

It was right around this time (January 2017) that Glossier released their Priming Moisturizer Rich (still my holy grail night cream to this day). They not only released the product, but also released a great video on Into The Gloss entitled: “How To Moisturize Your Face With French Facialist Isabelle Bellis.” I watched the video on a whim, & saw that there was absolutely zero finger contact with the actual product container. Instead, Bellis used small wooden sticks to scoop out a small amount of product, which she then applied to her face with clean hands:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.33.20 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.32.19 PM

I was intrigued. I started seeing more & more about this technique, & felt foolish for having not thought about it previously! As an immunosuppressed person, I am extremely prone to infections of all types. Having gone through a painful & embarrassing staph infection on my face, I want to avoid similar occurrences in the future at all costs.

I went on Amazon, typed in “skin care spatulas” & immediately came up with this result. Super cheap, easy–& you can order in bulk.

I don’t go through a spatula every day; I think that’d be wasteful. I do switch mine out regularly, however, & when I use the same spatula, I always clean it with rubbing alcohol after using, just to make sure I’m getting rid of any bacteria that may have been on my hands, so I don’t contaminate my product in the future.

Products that you don’t necessarily need a spatula for, & ones that I love: the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™️ Whipped Cream–the air-tight pump allows the product to dispense without contaminating the rest of the product. The Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream uses a similar technique. Both are great if you don’t feel like ordering some spatulas–or if you just feel like adding spatulas into your routine is too much work.

How the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™️ Whipped Cream is dispensed
I also like the latest craze: cleansing balms. My two favorite are the Farmacy Green Clean, & the Banila Co. Clean It Zero. Both are great cleansing balms/makeup removers, work wonderfully if you want to double cleanse, & best of all, they include spatulas with the product.


Farmacy Green Clean & Banila Co. Clean It Zero: both gentle, effective cleansing balms
Again: super handy, super clean, & even cleaner if you make sure to wipe off your spatula with rubbing alcohol after each use.

End game? Whether or not you’re immunosuppressed, using spatulas or sticks for products that aren’t “squeezable” is a great decision. Even if your immune system is great, the skin on your face is still quite sensitive. It’s best to play it safe, & practice clean skincare! Buy some spatulas–or go out & grab an air-tight moisturizer!



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